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Mission Viejo Personal Injury Lawyers

Mission Viejo Personal Injury Lawyers: Protecting the Rights of Accident Victims

An accident can result in an injured person suffering from a wide array of different types of damages, injuries, and losses. This holds true for a person injured in Mission Viejo or anywhere else in the United States. The fact is that negotiating an insurance settlement claim or pursuing a lawsuit are complicated legal matters. An injured person is not likely to obtain the compensation to which he or she is entitled without the professional help and assistance of experienced, tenacious Mission Viejo personal injury attorneys.Enhancing Compensation with Skilled Mission Viejo Personal Injury Lawyers

Some injured individuals balk at the idea of retaining a personal injury attorney. These individuals wrongly assume that they will obtain less money in compensation because of the need to pay attorney fees.

The reality is that hiring a lawyer actually is the key to increasing compensation in a personal injury case. The American Bar Association tracks settlement and judgment statistics in personal injury cases. Time and again, it is the cases in which an accident victim is represented by legal counsel that result in the highest level of compensation to a client. Even with attorney fees in the mix, an injured person takes home more money when he or she hires an attorney in a personal injury case as opposed to going it alone and without representation.

Types of Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

The facts and circumstances of a particular personal injury case govern the amount of potential compensation available in the final analysis. With that noted, there are categories of losses that typically require compensation in nearly all accident cases.

Medical bills and expenses require compensation as a matter of routine in a personal injury case. This includes not only current medical expenses, but also those likely to be incurred in the future.

Pain and suffering can be significant in a personal injury case. This represents another category for which an injured person likely requires compensation. As is the case with medical bills, pain and suffering can continue for an indefinite period into the future.

Other types of losses that require compensation in a typical personal injury case include lost wages, emotional distress, and permanent disability. Yet again, these are all issues that are best addressed by experienced, Mission Viejo personal injury lawyers.

One other type of possible compensation in a personal injury lawsuit falls in the category of punitive damages. Punitive damages is additional money awarded in a lawsuit. These types of damages are not awarded in every case and are not all that commonplace.

Punitive damages are ordered in personal injury lawsuits when the person who caused an accident acted in a particular reckless way. The additional compensation also serves as a means of punishing the person who caused the accident because of his or her particularly egregious conduct.

Understanding Contingency Fees

Mission Viejo personal injury law firms, like the El Dabe Law Firm, charge clients what is known as a contingency fee. The utilization of contingency fees make personal injury lawsuits a possibility for victims of accidents.

Through a contingency fee arrangement, a client in a personal injury case pays no fee for attorney services unless and until counsel obtains a favorable settlement or judgment for an accident victim. The fee charged at the conclusion of a case is an agreed-to percentage of the settlement or judgment.

An attorney from the El Dabe Law Firm and a client specifically agree to a fee arrangement, which is put into a written contract. This is done before the course of representation commences in a personal injury case.

Hiring Mission Viejo Personal Injury Lawyers at the El Dabe Law Firm

Due to the complexities of accident cases, an injured person needs to be as proactive as possible in engaging the services of a Mission Viejo personal injury attorneys. An attorney from the firm will schedule an initial consultation with an accident victim to discuss the circumstances of a case.

A lawyer from the El Dabe Law Firm will provide a preliminary analysis and evaluation of a case and answer questions put forth by an accident victim. There is no cost for an initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer from the El Dabe Law Firm.

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