Who Qualifies to Attend a Reckless Driving School?

Receiving a reckless driving ticket can be a low point in your life. In California, the charge is a class 1 misdemeanor that attracts jail time and a fine. Getting a further conviction can be entered in your driving record for the next 11 years and affect your future record and insurance rates. 

What Is the Goal of Going to Reckless Driving School?

The goal is to get a review course and receive instruction on current traffic laws. You learn to drive defensively and safely. The instructor teaches you on the effects of driving while on drugs or under the influence, among other useful information, to protect other road users and to save your life.

Are There Requirements for Attending a Reckless Driving School?

Once you receive a citation, you can request to attend the driving school. Place your request at the court clerk’s office. Some counties require traffic violators to first attend an arraignment before requesting to go to driving school. 

You are eligible to attend the school if:

  1.     You possess a valid driver’s license
  2.     Have a ticket for a minor violation that doesn’t involve alcohol or drugs
  3.     The offense happened while driving a non-commercial vehicle
  4.     You didn’t exceed the limit by 25mph or more
  5.     You haven’t attended a reckless driving school for the past 18 months from last conviction date

Are There Advantages of Attending Reckless Driving School? 

In California, most violations that don’t involve using drugs or alcohol and result in personal injury only get one point on their driving records. The points remain on the record for 3 years from the citation date.

At-fault parties of any vehicular accident, get one point added to their driving records.

A conviction for hit and run, DUI, or reckless driving receive 2 points, and the point remains on the record for 7 years.

 If you receive more than 8 points in 3 years, you are considered a negligent driver, and your license is revoked or suspended.

You are a negligent driver if the driving record shows these point counts:

  • 4 points in just 12 months
  • 5 points in 24 months
  • 8 points in just 36 months

Where to Take My Reckless Driving School?

You can take the classes online or sit in a classroom. In both settings, you will need at least 6 hours to finish the course. At the end of the course, you will submit the certificate to the California traffic court.

What to Do When You Receive a Traffic Ticket? 

Upon receiving a traffic ticket, you can pay the fine or dispute the citation. Pleading guilty means you will pay the fine, and the violation will be part of your driving record for 11 years. You also get two points on your record, and the conviction affects your insurance premium rates. Some insurance companies cancel their policy. A conviction can make you lose your driver’s license if you receive too many points for 1-3 years. The points remain part of your record for 3-7 years.

You can request to go to a reckless driving school in case you are eligible. The request is only granted by a judge, and you will pay for the imposed fine on the infraction, fee for attending driving school, and the court administrative fee. Upon acceptance, you must complete the driving course in less than 90 days after the citation date and guarantees you don’t receive any points on your record.

A trial date is set if you choose to plead not guilty. Hire an experienced reckless driving lawyer to help you fight the ticket. Besides, you can ask for a trial by mail (written declaration) or a court trial.

Contact a reliable lawyer to help you fight the charge and get a fair hearing before the court.