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What to Do in a Fender Bender with No Damage

Most car accidents are minor in nature are commonly referred to as ‘fender benders.’ Fender benders are accidents that do not result in any injuries. They are usually settled swiftly and result in no lawsuits. However, a fender bender may result in minor property damage which is where the name comes from (a bent fender). The question is what to do in a fender bender with no damage? You may still need to contact Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys but the main question for most people is ‘Do I need to report a fender bender?’ Read on to find out if you do.

Do I Have to Report a Fender Bender to Law Enforcement?

There are many factors determining the answer to the question above. The nature of your accident is one of the most important factors in this situation. Your state of residence is also crucial when deciding whether to report a fender bender.

Most states will require you to report an accident only if it results in injury. However, there are some states that require you to report a minor accident if it results in property damage above a certain amount. The Los Angeles Police Department recently rolled out a way to report minor traffic offenses online so that you do not have to call the police.

One thing you must do regardless of where you live or who is at fault is exchange contact information. Every state requires drivers to do so when they are involved in any kind of car accident. Only when the driver is uncooperative or when he/she does not have insurance should you call law enforcement.

If you believe the other driver may not deal with you in good faith, you should also contact law enforcement. The police will record the circumstances of the accident and physical evidence at the scene.

Most car accident injuries do not become apparent until several days after the accident even in fender benders. If there are any signs that you have been injured, you have to report the accident to the authorities or risk the other driver getting away with injuring you since there will be no evidence of the incident.

Do I Report a Fender Bender to My Insurance Company?

Most people involved in minor car accidents will not report it to the insurance company as they think that they will be charged higher premiums as a result of the accident. Another reason they do not report it is they prefer to work it out with the other driver and leave the insurance firms out of it.

On the other hand you should note that failure to report any sort of car accident to your insurance company may result in dire consequence later.

You should report a fender bender to your insurance company so that you get what you deserve for your damages and avoid bigger monetary losses down the road.

Minor car accidents might seem trivial but they may have serious consequences that are often unnoticeable at first. The answer to what to do in a fender bender with no damage is simply do the right thing. If you need any legal help you should contact Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys like El Dabe and Ritter Trial Lawyers for help and they will be happy to assist you.