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What Are the Consequences of Road Rage in Los Angeles?

Everyone has experienced a moment of frustration or anger while behind the wheel. Some may choose to act on these feelings, and in doing so, can endanger other drivers and pedestrians nearby. If you have been involved in a road rage accident, consult the Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys with El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers to understand your legal options and schedule you free consultation.

What Is Road Rage?

Road rage is a catchall term that refers to violent actions that drivers engage in when they feel angry, frustrated, or stressed. Road rage can occur when a driver acts violently or angrily toward other drivers, and in doing so, exposes them to harm.

Rage-related behaviors can range from honking angrily and yelling at other drivers to tailgating and brandishing weapons. Other forms of road rage can include:

  • Cutting off other drivers
  • Making obscene gestures at other drivers
  • Following too closely
  • Driving in the wrong lane
  • Driving too slowly

In some cases, drivers who engage in road rage can trigger other drivers to respond in kind, which could prove detrimental to both parties. These behaviors often result in severe injury or death.

Road Rage Statistics

Road rage is a general term that refers to a wide range of behaviors. Most drivers who engage in these behaviors do not consider their actions aggressive, and this obliviousness can further exacerbate the dangers of road rage. Road rage can include a wide array of situations and has a significant impact, which is reflected in statistics, such as: 

  • At least 37% of road rage cases involve a firearm
  • 50% of road rage victims respond the same way to their aggressive counterparts
  • Male teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 are more likely to be involved in road rage
  • Road age is responsible for nearly 12,000 injuries every year

Dangers of Road Rage

It is normal to feel frustrated and impatient on the road, especially when you are stuck in traffic or driving alongside a negligent driver. While driving when angry is not a crime, it can become an offense if your rage causes you to harm other road users. This could carry heavy penalties or even prison time.

When a driver acts on their rage, they become distracted from the road and begin to drive carelessly. They are more likely to cause a car accident in this frustrated state, which could result in physical injury, property damage, or even death.

Another way road rage can be dangerous is when it involves the use of weapons. Drivers in many states are legally allowed to carry a weapon. If an angry driver begins to insult and yell at a driver carrying a weapon, the armed driver could attempt to reach for or use their gun.

Finally, road rage drivers can trigger other drivers to respond angrily to their behavior. When this happens, the situation could escalate quickly and lead to serious consequences of road rage. 

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

The consequences of road rage can be catastrophic, which is why if you find yourself a victim, you should speak to an experienced attorney. The experienced attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers are dedicated to defending the rights of accident victims in the Los Angeles area. Contact us online or at 213-985-1120 to schedule a free consultation with one of top Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys.