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West Covina Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The El Dabe Law Firm provides vigorous representation for people involved in accidents in West Covina, including collisions involving motorcycles and bicycles. This bustling community in the Greater Los Angeles Area now boasts a population of more than 106,000. In fact, we’ve become the 62nd largest city in the State of California!

With so many residents living and working in West Covina, roadway accidents do occur here with some frequency. West Covina borders Walnut, and surrounds a significant stretch of Interstate 10, an important east-west transportation corridor. If you encounter an accident involving a motorcycle or a bicycle in this community, you may find it helpful to consult with qualified attorneys who practice in the field of personal injury law. The El Dabe Law Firm possesses experience in handling cases on behalf of motorcycle and bicycle accident victims.

Injured in West Covina?

Of course, while accidents frequently occur along West Covina’s busy streets, mishaps involving motorcyles and bicycles sometimes take place in other settings, too. With a network of beautiful city parks, including award-winning Shadow Oak Park, our community enjoys some excellent recreational facilities. Unfortunately, these locations occasionally become accident scenes involving cyclists.

Whether you sustain an injury from a motor vehicle while riding your bike along a street or through a parking lot, or whether while walking on foot you suffer an injury due to a cyclist, this type of accident can cause significant losses. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports during 2014 alone, some 726 bicyclists died in collisions along roadways in the United States. Serious and even life-threatening accidents do occur involving bicycles and motorcycles. Even cyclists who take the precaution of wearing helmets and other safety gear may encounter tragedy due to accidental events.

Recovering Damages

After an accident involving a bicycle or motorcycle, victims sometimes seek compensation for a variety of different kinds of injuries. Just consider a few of the more frequent types of damage:

  • Medical And Hospital Bills;
  • Wrongful Death;
  • Permanent Disabilities, Including Head Injuries;
  • Lost Wages;
  • Property Damage;
  • Pain And Suffering.

Even if someone sustains serious harm as a result of a bicycle or motorcycle accident, an injured person (or survivors) may need to go to court to seek recovery. Following an accident, the accounts of witnesses frequently disagree. While facts may appear clearcut in some instances, in other situations considerable dispute arises about events leading up to someone’s injury.

Why Legal Representation Matters

Accident victims seeking financial recovery following an accident involving a bicycle or a motorcycle typically must establish a cause of action in order to obtain financial compensation. This process involves a lot of careful research.

How do attorneys assist people in establishing legal causes of action? Just consider some steps in which retaining a law firm often proves helpful:

  • Interviewing witnesses;
  • Obtaining documentation and reports;
  • Examining the scene of an alleged accident;
  • Carefully researching and analyzing any applicable legal precedents;
  • Conducting depositions;
  • Preparing and presenting a court case;
  • Negotiating with claims adjusters and other counsel;
  • Drafting and filing legal briefs, and more.

Robust Legal Representation

The attorneys of the El Dabe Law Firm provide vigorous legal representation to our clients. We assist them in pursuing causes of action. For instance, we help many victims of accidents seek financial compensation for injuries sustained as a result of negligence.

We strive to furnish zealous representation for our clients in every case we undertake. The complexity of some legal cases means that individuals who suffer harm as a result of an accident often discover value in discussing their situation with an attorney before consenting to furnish an interview with an insurance agent or a claims adjuster.

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