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Smart Car Accidents

Car accidents are a horrific thing to witness, let alone be directly involved in one. There has been widespread adoption of smart vehicles as consumers seek an increasingly digital experience in driving. More so, these models are environmentally friendly and, therefore, more appealing to the masses. Despite the gains of switching to smart vehicles, being in a car crash in one can have damaging effects.

The Orange County car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers who specialize in cases where clients are hurt in a smart car accident can help you claim compensation. Below, we discuss what you should do when involved in a smart car accident.

How Safe Are Smart Cars?

Manufacturers of smart vehicles are continuously innovating to enhance their safety features so that occupants are safe in case of an accident. Those safety features typically entail the installation of four airbags, protective headrests, tailor-made bucket seats among others. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) argues that such automobiles cannot match larger cars in an accident scenario.

Recent studies surmise that people driving a smart car are twelve times more likely to die when in an accident and the chances of suffering grave bodily harm are even higher. IIHS deduced that fatalities arising from accidents involving multiple small cars are nearly twice that of large sedans. Other factors like lousy weather conditions and lack of vehicle maintenance can trigger accidents.

Smart car accidents can also be triggered by driver negligence, such as dangerous car racing. These disturbing statistics are a significant drawback for consumers who are contemplating switching to smart cars even for superficial reasons like prestige.

What Are the Most Common Smart Car Accident Injuries?

The driver and other occupants of smart vehicles stand a chance of encountering grave bodily harm when involved in an accident, including:

Face and Neck Injuries

Being struck by an oncoming car is bound to leave a mark on your face or neck. You could be thrown off balance and land on the pavement, twisting your neck due to high impact and scraping the side of your face.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Research shows that TBIs often trigger a host of personality changes, memory impairment, physical aggression, and overall reduced capacity to control impulses. In extreme cases, these injuries can cause death.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

People who have witnessed or been involved in a horrific event like a car accident may experience mental health problems due to the resulting trauma. Symptoms include recurring nightmares, anxiety, insomnia, uncontrollable thoughts about the accident, and emotional numbness among others.

Dental Injuries

Accident victims often suffer from broken, chipped, or dislodged teeth and these are not only painful but also affect your smile. You will need a host of restorative procedures like installing crowns and dental implants, and these do not come cheap.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

A smart car accident can yield detrimental consequences and the aftermath can cripple you financially. The experienced attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyer have a wealth of experience helping clients like you get the compensation they deserve. Contac their offices today to schedule a free consultation.