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Should I See an Attorney Even If I Made Only One Visit to See a Doctor?

When is the right time to see an attorney? It can be a difficult choice, especially if you have just been injured. Many people wait too long, and doing so compounds their issues. Even if you’ve only seen a doctor a single time after your accident, the most important phone call you can make is to a personal injury lawyer. Doing so is all about making sure you are able to move forward from your accident without causing yourself an undue amount of stress. Once you’ve had an initial visit with your doctor, you need to look at how your future will unfold.

The Clock is Ticking

You’ve only got a limited amount of time to file a personal injury lawsuit after your accident, so the clock is ticking from the moment your accident occurred. In California, you have two years from the date of the injury to file suit, and it can take longer to get that done than you might think. Consulting with a lawyer quickly after being injured allows you to the best chance to get your suit in before the statute of limitations makes your decision irrelevant. Nothing will prevent you from seeing a doctor after you make the call – after all, there’s no statute of limitation that stops you from receiving treatment.

Mounting Money Problems

Once you’re injured, your life is going to change. If your injury is severe, you’ll have to deal with medical costs and lost wages. These costs don’t stop just because you’re hurt or because you want a second opinion. If you wait to speak to a lawyer, what you’re really doing is waiting on the possibility of compensation. You can certainly put off a phone call to a good attorney because you want to make sure you’re really hurt, but you’ll be doing your finances a disservice.

New Directions

It’s also a good idea to talk to a lawyer early on because you’ll need advice about what to do next. Unless you’ve suffered your particular injury in the same circumstances before, you don’t know what to do. You’ll need to bring in evidence (or have it gathered), make sure you have the paperwork together, and figure out exactly what you’ll need from your doctor before your next visit. A good lawyer will provide you with a roadmap for your future, but he or she can’t do that while you’re waiting on another medical appointment.

Personal Responsibility

Finally, you should realize that it’s your responsibility to take the necessary steps to secure your future. You aren’t contacting a lawyer because you are greedy or because you are trying to hurt someone else – you were injured, and compensation is the best way to make you whole again. You may need help making medical payments, dealing with an inability to work or even psychological issues after an accident. Once you’ve found out that you have an injury, your next move should always be to consult someone who can help you make the responsible party pay.

There’s nothing wrong with talking to an attorney after a single doctor’s visit. No matter what else you may think, this is an important step that’s necessary to protect your future. A good attorney will give you the advice you need to move forward and the ability to plan for your future. Don’t be fooled by popular misconceptions about personal injury suits or the people involved in them – this is an important part of the law, one that helps injured parts return to the state in which they lived before they were involved in an accident.

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