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Accidents happen all the time. Often, these accidents that can affect your life are caused by negligent people or groups that should play some role in helping you recover. That’s what personal injury and tort law is all about.

If you suffer an injury and it affects your ability to work, pay your bills, or live life normally, then you deserve compensation. That’s what hiring Santa Monica personal injury lawyers is all about.

Don’t Let Somebody Else Control the Situation

Even if you suffer a mild injury, you should immediately seek medical attention. From there, you should then call a personal injury attorney. That’s because things can start happening very quickly in the background.

For example, if you’re in a car accident but you feel fine, you’ll still need to file a police report and exchange insurance information. Even if you think you feel fine, you need to take a moment to consider it. Many injuries are not immediately apparent like soft tissue damage. If you let others control the situation, such as our personal injury lawyers in Santa Monica, here’s what can happen.

1. You go about your business. There was no damage and everybody was okay. A few days later, you start feeling pain in your back. You find out that you have some kind of sprain or other damage. You know it came from the accident, there’s no other explanation.

Unfortunately, you didn’t see a doctor immediately. The police report says that you felt just fine at the time. Now you have medical bills and will possibly have to miss work for doctor visits. It’s all on you, and the price could be more than you can handle.

2. You forget all about the accident, it’s not even worth talking about. Next thing you know, you receive a call from a rep from your insurance company telling you that your premium has to go up.

It’s going up because the other party reported the accident, said it wasn’t their fault, and said they had damage to their vehicle, or injury, or both. Now they’re suing your insurance company for the damages.

Maybe a combination of those things will occur. If you take charge of your accident from the beginning, you can avoid this.

How to Take Charge of Your Personal Injury Case

If you find yourself in an accident, you need to take charge of it.

File the police report and let them know that you plan to go see a doctor
Seek medical attention and let your physician know that you were just in an accident
Write down everything about the accident that you can remember
Write down the names and contact info of anyone who may have seen the accident
Call a Santa Monica personal injury attorney and tell him or her everything that happened
Call your insurance company and explain what occurred

In this way, you can take charge of anything that can occur later. These things will put you in a position of power. Now, instead of falling victim to your injury, you can do what you must to make sure that you have a strong case to start with. It will also give your attorney a good starting place for his or her own investigation.

Speak to Santa Monica Personal Injury Lawyers

When you speak to the lawyer, let him or her know all the details. A personal injury lawyer is in a unique position to let you know that if you have a case or not and what steps you should take next. If you should choose to pursue a case, your lawyer can handle all the details for you.

He or she can work up the proper paperwork and start the process of negotiating with the negligent party’s insurance company. By taking control of your accident and not blaming yourself, you will instead be in a position to receive the compensation that you deserve.

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