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San Bernadino Slip and Fall Attorneys

If your life is being made more difficult because of an injury that you suffered through no fault of your own, then you deserve the legal assistance that can help you get back on your feet. No matter what kind of correspondence you may receive in the mail on the phone from the liable party, you should not contact them in any way until you have the appropriate legal assistance on your side. No matter what, you can bet that they have lawyers who are protecting their in total, meaning that they are trying to get away by paying you as little as possible. Here are some of the ways that we can help you if you have suffered an injury in San Bernardino, Riverside or in any adjoining city.

We protect your rights as a victim.

Companies that are liable for an injury usually do not have any personal sympathy for the victim. The worse that your situation is, the more that they will pressure you. The first reason to get a lawyer immediately is to relieve this pressure – the liable party will understand that the playing field is now level.

If you do not have the proper legal assistance, the liable party is sure to take advantage of every opportunity to make you settle or take nothing at all. Are you unable to work? The liable party will extend the court date to run your household out of funds so that you may be forced to settle out of financial necessity. Yes, they can find out where you work, estimate what your bills are and learn how much you make. From here it is a simple calculation as to how long you can last without a settlement.

We will make sure that your medical bills are fully considered by the appropriate parties.

The more serious your injury, the more quickly that the liable party will likely be in touch with you. Their offer may seem generous at first until you consider all of the mitigating circumstances. First of all, you do not know if your injuries are chronic or not – you may have to visit expensive doctors for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, taking a first claim settlement will usually mean that you sign a contract relieving liable party of any responsibility after the initial payment. By making the first payment seem large, the liable party can actually scam you out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We will make sure that you have the appropriate medical examinations before you consider any offer from the liable party. We will also be able to sanction the use of the proper medical records to show the court just how much your medical expenses will be down the road, not just today. In this way we will ensure that your injuries are covered for the rest of your life, relieving you of any financial burden that may occur years later.

We will try to obtain financial assistance for you while the case is pending.

You may have the right to financial assistance if an accident puts you out of work or disables you in any way. Do not worry if you have disability insurance or not; there are other ways that we may be able to help you with. If you have financial assistance, then the liable party will no longer be able to pressure you into a time-sensitive decision.

Give us a call before you talk to the other side. We understand the court system and how overbearing it can be for a single individual. We are experienced in facing down the biggest companies, so it does not matter who is on the other side of the table. We are here to protect your rights as a victim and try to maximize your financial payout. Make sure that you call or email us today.

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