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About Bike Lane Accidents

As more people have become health-conscious, bicycle riding has become a way of life. Whether enjoying a recreational ride or riding their bike to and from work each day, there are more bicyclists on the road than ever before. Unfortunately, there are many automobiles on the road as well, and the combination of autos and bikes often spells trouble for cyclists. As a result, bike lane accidents are becoming more and more common, resulting in serious and sometimes fatal injuries to cyclists. When these accidents occur, cyclists and their families need the services of knowledgeable and experienced bike lane accident attorneys to ensure they receive the compensation they need and deserve. Contact our bike lane accident attorneys for help claiming compensation.

What are the Different Types of Bike Lane Accidents?

While many communities have incorporated bike lanes into their roadways in recent years, there are many problems that have ensued. Located near roads, rivers, and through parks, bike lanes pose their own set of problems due to poor planning, maintenance, or supervision. As a result, numerous types of bike lane accidents happen, such as those involving bicyclists and pedestrians, two cyclists on the same bike lane, or defects from the path itself. Needless to say, any of these circumstances can lead to serious problems.

Why are Pedestrians on Bike Lanes?

Since many bike lanes are in parks, they are not restricted solely to bicyclists. Pedestrians, eager to avoid having to dodge one car after another, often use bike lanes as walking or jogging paths. But since they are listening to music or admiring the scenery around them, they fail to pay attention to nearby cyclists. As a result, unsuspecting cyclists often have little if any time to react when a pedestrian suddenly appears ahead of them.

How Do Accidents Happen Between Two Cyclists?
Since the majority of bike lanes have no directional lanes, cyclists often go in virtually any direction they wish. And even with lanes that do have directional markers, most cyclists fail to obey them. When this carelessness results, cyclists often hit each other very hard and are thrown from their bikes, leading to serious injuries.

In What Ways are Bike Lanes Defective?

While communities are usually eager to construct bike lanes, they often become defective quite quickly due to a variety of factors. In most cases, lack of maintenance leads to potholes or lack of painting for directional lanes, resulting in serious accidents.

How Do Motorists Injure Cyclists in Bike Lanes?

Even though a cyclist is using a bike lane, they are still at great risk of being injured by a careless motorist. Three of the most common ways in which these accidents occur involve vehicle turns, intersections, and door accidents. For example, vehicles turning to the right are usually turning directly into the path of a cyclist, leading to serious injuries. In addition to turning accidents, bike lanes crossing through an intersection are also dangerous spots for accidents, since most motorists are much more focused on other vehicles rather than cyclists. And finally, some motorists open their doors just as a cyclist is passing by, forcing the cyclist to hit their door or swerve into traffic to avoid the door.

What Kinds of Injuries Result from these Accidents?

No matter whether it’s a cyclist having an accident with a pedestrian, another cyclist, or an automobile, the bad news is that the injuries sustained are often quite serious. While in some cases injuries may be soft-tissue related, the majority of these accidents lead to head injuries and fractures that require immediate medical attention. Sadly, many injuries result in lifelong disabilities or even death, leaving grieving families wondering what to do next.

Do I Need a Bike Lane Accident Attorney?

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a bike lane accident, it’s crucial to utilize the services of a bike lane accident attorney who has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle these complex cases. By contacting a skilled attorney as soon as possible after the accident, they will be able to gather the necessary information and speak with any witnesses who may have been present. In doing so, you will have a much greater chance of receiving the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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