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Pico Rivera Personal Injury Lawyers: Tips on Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you are injured in an accident in Pico Rivera as the result of someone else’s negligence, you likely are contemplating or in the process of filing a personal injury claim with an insurance company. Pursuing a claim for compensation with an insurance company is not an easy task.The best course of action a person can take when faced with filing and pursuing a personal injury claim is to consider the benefits provided by Pico Rivera personal injury lawyers. Unless only a very small amount of money, and a very minor injury or loss is at issue, the wise decision is to consult with Pico Rivera personal injury lawyers, like a member of the team at El Dabe Law Firm.

The most significant, overriding tip a person needs to consider in the aftermath of an accident, in regard to filing a claim, is hiring a lawyer. There are some other key tips to bear in mind regarding pursuing a personal injury insurance claim.

Keep Good Records and Organize Documents

The need to keep good records is fundamental. This is necessary whether of not a person is represented by counsel. These records include medical diagnosis statements, medical bills, bills associated with other losses, and records related to lost wages because of work missed due to injuries from a car accident.

Prepare Written Account of Accident

As soon after the accident as possible, an injured person should commit a written statement to writing. This will prove to a solid reference point for personal use but also to be utilized by an attorney hired by an injured person to assist in obtaining an appropriate settlement of a case or to pursue a lawsuit.

Never Sign Forms Without Understanding the Content

Very early on in the claim settlement negotiation process, an insurance company is likely to present a stack of documents to sign. The insurance company representative is likely to state these documents are “no big deal,” and matters of simple housekeeping.

In fact, time and again, injured people sign documents of this nature and impact their claims in a very significant, regrettable manner. No document associated with a claim for injuries associated with a personal injury should ever beside unless the injured person fully and completely understands the content and effect if it.

It is in regard to understanding legal documents that Pico Rivera personal injury lawyers are of great importance. In the final analysis, an injured person really should never agree to sign paperwork of any type presented by an insurance company during the claims settlement process without consulting with an experienced lawyer, like one from the El Dabe Law Firm.

Pay Attention to Filing Deadlines

The insurance claims process comes complete with various deadlines. The failure to miss the deadlines will prolong the resolution of a claim in the best case scenario. However, missing certain deadlines, or repeatedly failing to do things in a timely manner, can result in the denial of a claim.

The statute of limitations is perhaps the most significant claim of all. The statute of limitations is a California law that requires an injured person to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the date of an accident, as a general rule. The failure to file a lawsuit by the deadline has severe consequences. An injured person very likely will forever be precluded from filing a lawsuit to obtain compensation for injuries.

Making sure all requirements of a personal injury claim, or lawsuit, underscores how Pico Rivera personal injury lawyers provide invaluable help to injured people. Indeed, oversights that occur in cases without lawyers leave thousands of people without proper compensation each year across the United States.

Retaining the El Dabe Law Firm

The team at the El Dabe Law Firm are experienced Pico Rivera personal injury lawyers. They have an extensive background with clients injured in a wide range of different types of accident cases.

A personal injury attorney from the El Dabe Law Firm can schedule an initial consultation with a potential client to discuss and evaluate the facts and circumstances of an accident and an associated case. There is no fee assessed to an injured person for this type of preliminary consultation.

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