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Palmdale Slip and Fall Attorneys

If you slip and fall on public or private property and seriously injure yourself, you may be able to be compensated for your injuries, medical bills and possible lost wages with the help of a slip and fall lawyer in Palmdale. Slip and fall accidents happen in Palmdale, California more than you think. Many people who slip and fall inside of a business or outside on private property feel that it was simply their fault. They assume that it was an accident that they fell, and they also assume that all medical costs and lost wages are their own problems and no one else’s.

This is the case sometimes, but sometimes, there is private or public property where slip and fall accidents happen all the time. On these premises, the managers or owners do not care enough to fix broken sidewalks or faulty stairs. They don’t even take the time to put up safety signs. And this is not your fault.

If you have recently been involved in a slip and fall accident, you might be able to be compensated. But it will be difficult for you to file a case like this on your own. The Palmdale slip and fall lawyers at El Dabe Law Firm can help you. They can look at the property, assess your own injuries and the bills you have to pay and let you know if you have a good case. They can also provide support during this time. Cases like this are often stressful and confusing for people.

Before you decide if you want to take the next step, let’s examine some details about slip and fall accidents. There are several different types of these accidents. In other words, slip and fall accidents usually happen for several common reasons.

Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

1. Torn or loose carpet

Many people have slip and fall accidents indoors when there is torn or loose carpeting around. As we all know, torn are loose carpeting does not just make a hole in the floor where someone could trip, but it also creates long strings of carpeting. Tripping is almost guaranteed to happen on these strings. In some of the worst cases, someone slips on torn or loose carpeting and hits their head or another body parts on a nearby table or chair. This can cause even more injuries for which many people lose the prospect of compensation without the help of a slip and fall attorney in Palmdale.

2. Broken or severely cracked sidewalks

Outdoors, many people end up falling on broken or cracked sidewalks. Sidewalks may have large chunks that have fallen away, and this leaves huge holes where people can fall. In addition, the large roots of nearby trees can form huge cracks and rifts in the concrete. This can cause elevation changes of several inches. As a pedestrian, you should be able to walk or run safely on sidewalks without having to worry about falling and seriously injuring yourself. If you were injured this type of accident, make sure to contact a Palmdale slip and fall injury attorney to help.

3. No handrails on steps or ramps

In both public and private settings, handrails must be present if you have a ramp or a set of stairs. In optimal conditions, you will also have a warning sign for a change in elevation. If you were injured under conditions in which there was a change in elevation but no handrails, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills and any lost wages.

The Attorneys at El Dabe Law Firm Can Help You

If you have been injured under one of these conditions or under other dangerous conditions, call our Palmdale slip and fall attorneys today. The experienced legal professionals at El Dabe Law Firm will be there will be able to assess your case and investigate the details to let you know if you were responsible or if someone else was.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine who is responsible in a case like this, so it’s very important to act quickly. With some of these cases, a time frame is set into place. That means that you only have a limited number of days or weeks after the accident before you must take action. Contact El Dabe Law Firm as soon as possible for more information.

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