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Commonly referred to as the City of Orange, so as not to be confused with the county of the same name, Orange had a population of nearly 137,000 people in the 2010 census. It is a charming city that has retained much of its early architecture.

California became a state in 1850, but it was not until 1870 that two attorneys from Los Angeles decided to subdivide land they owned in what is now the City of Orange. They called their new town Richland. They owned 5,400 acres of land had been part of the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, the first Spanish land grant in what is now Orange County.

The lawyers were impressed by the area because it had fertile soil, water from the nearby Santa Ana River, and a stage road ran nearby. In January 1875, the new town’s name was changed to Orange because there was already a Richland, California, in Sacramento County. The name Orange was chosen because one of the owners was from that county in Virginia.

Orange County, California, by the way, wasn’t formed until 1889. The City of Orange was originally in Los Angeles County. The numerous citrus groves in the region at the time are said to have inspired the county’s name.

In 1954, Chapman College moved its campus to Orange. In addition to the university, Orange is home to a small zoo, a wildlife sanctuary, parks, and lakes. On the western edge of the city, a large outdoor entertainment and shopping area called the Outlets at Orange, has been developed.

Today, Orange is a busy, active community. Many residents commute to jobs elsewhere in the region, but some can work near their homes. Residents of the City of Orange enjoy riding bicycles and motorcycles for recreation and transportation. Sometimes, unfortunately, they are hurt while riding bicycles or motorcycles. Often these injuries are due to negligence by another party.

Residents of Orange may have difficulty finding an attorney to help them because some personal injury lawyers don’t want to travel to Orange or deal with the Orange County courts.

But El Dabe Law Firm attorneys want to help everyone who needs legal assistance. If it is hard for you to come to one of their offices, they will even travel to Orange to meet with you.

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The attorneys at El Dabe Law Firm care about our clients. They will get to know you and make sure they understand your concerns. They have helped many people in the City of Orange and Orange County.

If you were injured while riding your motorcycle or bicycle in the City of Orange, elsewhere in Orange County — or somewhere else in the State of California — the attorneys from El Dabe Law Firm want to help you. With their legal representation, you can get the assistance you need. El Dabe Law Firm has built an excellent reputation throughout the state for helping clients from the City of Orange and Orange County.

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