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What Do I Need To Know To Make An Insurance Claim?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you need to take the proper steps to file an insurance claim. This is important to do so that you can get your car repaired and receive compensation for any medical issues that arise as a result of the accident. The first thing that you should do after an accident is to secure your car when it’s safe to do so and contact the local police department and other emergency officials. Check to be sure that everyone is alright in your vehicle. If you can get out of the car, check for any damage. Look to see if the people in the other car are alright. Take pictures of the accident scene as these can be used to determine who was at fault and the severity of the damage that was done. You also want to exchange information with the other driver, such as a phone number and insurance policy number.

When you are able to, you need to contact the insurance claims adjuster. Sometimes, this person will contact you shortly after the accident. You need to give the adjuster all of the information about the accident and deliver any pictures that were taken. You also need to let the adjuster know of any hospital or office visits as well as any repair estimates that you have received. The adjuster will want to know a few things about the car, such as the current location and the status of the vehicle. You will also be asked about what happened in the accident and if there were any injuries to the people in the car.

One of the reasons why the insurance company wants to know about the storage of the car is so that there are no excess charges associated with keeping the vehicle at a garage for a long period of time. Most insurance companies would rather you get the car to your home instead of paying for storage at a garage until the car is ready to be fixed. Some tow shops need to have the release information from the insurance company so that you can get the car. They will likely want the car repaired at a body shop that they work with unless you can find someone who is willing to do the repairs at a lower price.

Give the adjuster all of the information about the damage that is done to the car. Be specific as the insurance company will use this to determine how much should be paid out for the repairs. You are required to cooperate with the insurance company about the vehicle damage and what happened in the accident, but one thing that you don’t have to do is offer a recorded statement. Let the adjuster know if anyone was hurt as this could mean more money for the people involved in the accident and more money paid out for the medical bills and compensation for lost work or even lost time at school.

Once all of the information is recorded, the insurance company will want you to use a repair shop that is used on a regular basis. You’re not required to go to one of their shops, but it might make getting the payout processed a bit faster. In the event that you are injured, you need to let the insurance company know about your hospital visit and that you plan to send in the information from the medical bills. There really isn’t any kind of formula to calculate an amount paid out by the company. It’s really just negotiating back and forth until you reach a settlement.

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