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Fatal Car Accidents in Los Angeles, Calif.

Car accidents happen every day, and most drivers are involved in an accident at least once in their lifetime. Most accidents are relatively minor and do nothing more than inconvenience those involved. However, there are serious accidents that can result in severe injuries or death. In the United States, about 35,000 individuals die in automotive accidents every year. When someone dies in a car accident, the legal and financial repercussions for both the at-fault party and the victim are more severe.

The experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys from El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can assist you in attaining the justice you deserve for your losses.

What Happens If Someone Dies In An Accident?

Of all of the accidents that happen every day, not all accidents result in criminal charges. However, if a fatal accident is found to be the result of another party’s reckless or negligent behavior, they can be charged with manslaughter.

For a driver to be convicted of manslaughter after an automotive accident, prosecutors must prove that:

  •       The at-fault party was driving their car negligently or recklessly
  •       That reckless or negligent behavior directly caused the accident
  •       The at-fault driver violated the law

Driving Behaviors That Cause Deadly Car Accidents

Although the number of individuals who die in auto accidents varies greatly according to each region, the reasons for deadly accidents are very similar. Luckily, regardless of the increase in the number of accidents every year, those accidents have resulted in fewer fatalities. Common causes of fatal accidents are:

  •       Distracted driving — Cell phone use and texting are particularly outrageous, although paying attention to passengers, drinking and eating, or anything that causes the driver to take off their eyes from the road can result in fatalities.
  •       Exhausted driving — Although it can be just as fatal as drunk driving, a driver who falls asleep while driving will not necessarily be charged with manslaughter unless they were found to have intentionally fallen asleep.
  •       Drunk driving — Driving under the influence is one of the most common ways of proving negligence in automotive accidents.
  •       Violating safety regulations or reckless driving — Actions, like performing prohibited u-turns or speeding, could result in accidents.
  •       Adverse weather conditions — Rainy and snowy weather is a common contributor to car accidents. If an individual is found to have been recklessly operating a vehicle in poor weather conditions, manslaughter charges could be lodged against them.
  •       Poor road conditions — Potholes and other road problems can cause deadly accidents. The government can be charged for the fatalities by the families of the deceased in such cases.
  •       Elderly and inexperienced drivers — Inexperienced drivers are involved in most road accidents. Elderly people, although they have more experience, get involved in more accidents, especially after their 60′s.

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