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La Habra Car Accident Lawyers

Being injured in a motor vehicle crash is difficult enough, but all the other problems related to a car accident bring numerous different issues that a car crash victim will have to deal with.

The complexity of injury claims or lawsuits often worries people, and they may feel reluctant about getting a lawyer because of it. When another diver’s intentional or unintentional actions cause injury to you, you can file a claim against that motorist to recover compensation for your medical costs, pain and suffering, property damage, and other expenses.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. You need a strong advocate on your side who will help you get you the compensation you need.

At El Dabe Law Firm, our aim is to help car accident victims in La Habra by assisting them with their personal injury injury claims or lawsuits to recover the financial compensation they are entitled to. We start the process by providing you a free consultation with a La Habra car accident lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to advise and guide through the claims process.

We’ll Deal With The Insurance Company So You Don’t Have To

The first person you are likely to hear from after you have been injured in a car accident is the insurance representative. In many cases, they will be sympathetic, charming, and understanding of what you have gone through and reassuring that they will handle everything quickly and fairly.

The insurance adjuster may appear to be a very nice person and will also do everything to convince you that you simply don’t need a lawyer, but you must remember that this is a ploy that insurance companies use to pay out the least amount of settlement possible.

Remember, insurance companies are in business to make money. It is the insurance company’s goal to pay as little as possible on every claim. The less you get paid for your claim, the more they profit.

Insurance companies make billions of dollars every year by paying the smallest amount possible to settle auto accident claims. Do not talk about the accident with them and do not accept their initial offer at a settlement before you know your rights under the law.

Our team of accident injury lawyers understands that each case is unique and will help recover the maximum amount possible in your situation. That is why our La Habra car accident injury team works around the clock and provides 24 hour, 7 days a week service. We handle challenging cases, and we have a great reputation for our top notch legal service.

Liability In A Car Accident In La Habra

Whether a head-on collision, side impact collision, rear-end accident, or any other type of crash, the results can be catastrophic for everyone involved. Establishing fault, however, can be extremely difficult.

Determining who is at fault in your case is an important part of your injury claim. You need to know exactly what circumstances led to the occurrence of the accident in order to establish fault and file claim against the party responsible.

When our law firm deals with La Habra car accident cases, we often work with motor vehicle accident investigators and car crash reconstruction professionals to fully evaluate an accident and determine the cause of the accident. We gather the necessary evidence to prove the other party’s fault and then seek the compensation our clients need to begin rebuilding their lives.

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If you have been injured because of a negligent driver you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

We believe the negligent party should be held responsible for the pain and suffering an injury victim endures.

We are proud to represent injury victims throughout La Habra and surrounding areas, using our legal expertise and courtroom experience to serve individuals like you.

Hiring El Dabe Law Firm from the start can make a significant difference in how much, and how soon, you may receive financial compensation.

We can help you recover compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and more.

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