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Internal Injuries from a Car Accident in Los Angeles

A serious outcome of car accidents in Los Angeles is internal injuries. They can be particularly deadly, because the symptoms are not always readily apparent to warn someone that they’re in medical jeopardy. An internal injury needs prompt and proper medical treatment and patients must receive the appropriate ongoing care to prevent life-threatening complications.

The individual or entity responsible for causing the auto collision should be held liable for covering losses related to the injuries. Accident victims should seek the assistance of experienced car accident attorneys to pursue a personal injury claim.

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Causes of Internal Injuries in a Car Accident

A vehicle has significant force and momentum even when it’s moving at a relatively low speed. When cars hit each other or when they strike fixed objects, the momentum is transferred to the occupants in the vehicles. The human body is usually not able to absorb the sudden force safely.

The tremendous force released during a collision can harm the inside of the body severely, causing internal bleeding, organ damage etc.

Internal injuries may also arise from airbag deployment or being ejected from a car and hitting external objects. Additionally, pedestrians and cyclists have virtually no protection from a vehicle’s force during an accident. That’s primarily why accidents involving pedestrians and motorcycles usually cause severe and lasting harm.

Common Types of Internal Injuries from a Car Accident

The damage inflicted on the body by the force of an auto collision can manifest in different ways. For instance, victims who sustain internal injuries from a car accident might suffer from:

1.      Internal Bleeding

Blood vessels can be damaged or severed during a car crash. Ruptured blood vessels can lead to bleeding that does not clot, though the formation of a clot can also be life-threatening. Clots can prevent the blood from circulating properly. Symptoms of internal bleeding include confusion, weakness, breathing issues, bruising, and presence of blood in vomit or urine. If internal bleeding isn’t treated promptly, it can lead to organ failure and death.

2.      Broken Ribs

Fractured ribs usually have to heal on their own, which can be a painful and time-consuming experience. Any broken rib can damage blood vessels or puncture a lung, creating a medical emergency.

3.      Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm

The crushing or compression of the stomach in a car wreck can cause the abdominal aorta to rupture. That almost always results in fatalities. Furthermore, the spleen, which is located in the abdomen, can be ruptured too during an auto collision. If that happens, the abdominal cavity will be filled with blood, which can lead to death.

4.      Pneumothorax

Pneumothorax is when air floods the chest cavity because of the puncturing or collapse of a lung during a car crash.

5.      Kidney Damage

Most times, kidney damage occurs if the lower back is impacted during a car accident. The damage may be permanent creating a need for dialysis or a transplant. However, kidney damage can also cause potentially life-threatening internal bleeding.

6.      Liver Damage

The force of a car collision can cause the liver to be torn open. That can lead to internal bleeding and other medical problems. The liver must be treated promptly to avert potentially deadly complications.

See how a Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help you

It’s crucial to seek medical help immediately after an auto accident happens. That allows for prompt testing to check for internal injuries. After that, you should consider hiring a car accident attorney to help you recoup the compensation you deserve.