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Broken Pelvis Accidents

A broken pelvis is not just another type of injury you can simply heal and forget about the pain. It can become a devastating injury that has long-term and damaging effects on your body. If an accident happened and it was your fault. You could move one knowing that if you had done things differently, things would have happened differently.

However, you did not cause your broken pelvis bone and the pain you are experiencing. Someone else caused your injury. There is nothing you could have done to prevent the accident from happening. There is something you can do going forward. Empower yourself by earning more about your broken pelvis bone. Learn how you can receive compensation for your pelvis bone injury.

Causes of a Broken Pelvis Bone in an Accident

During an accident, trauma to the pelvis bone is the reason why it breaks. The high energy impact trauma typically happens during a:

Slip and fall
Motorcycle accident
Car accident
Bicycle accident
Pedestrian accident
Broken stairs

Type of Symptoms associated with a Broken Pelvis

The initial shock of being in an accident can mask the symptoms of a broken pelvis. The most common symptoms of a broken pelvis include, but is not limited to:

Urge to adjust your hip bone or knee

Broken Pelvis Injury Negligence

The most common reason a person breaks a bone is because of negligence. Negligence occurs when someone fails to keep another individual safe from harm. For instance, if they did the right thing prior to injuring you, you would have been injured.

In any situation, we all have a legal duty to prevent an accident that harms someone. It is an implied legal responsibility. For instance, a driver has the legal duty to prevent an accident that causes another individual’s injuries. If they cause an accident that injuries someone, they are financially responsible for the injuries they cause. If they cause an accident and no one is injured and no property is damaged, they are not legally responsible to pay anyone.

Proving Negligence happened in Your Broken Pelvis Accident Case

In the United States, the general rule is that the plaintiff in a personal injury claim has the burden of proving they were injured and the at-fault party is financially responsible. A negligence personal injury claim is proven by a plaintiff in four steps. These steps, known in the legal world as elements, must all be proven to win a case. The elements are:

Legal duty: We discussed legal duty earlier, but it is important to expound of it further. The defendant, or person who caused the accident, must have a legal duty to protect you from. If they did not have a legal to protect you, they are not financially liable for breaking your pelvis bone.
Breach of Legal Duty: Once legal duty is established you have the burden of proving they violated their duty to keep you safe. This is done by showing the accident occurred and how it happened.
Causation: Causation is simply connecting your broken pelvis injury to the defendant’s negligence. The defendant must either be the direct cause or the indirect cause of your broken pelvis. This is the third step that successfully proves the defendant was liable for the accident and your injury.
Damages: Damages is the legal word to describe your accident-related expenses. Damages vary depending on your injury, severity of your injury and other factors. Damages includes medical bills, rehabilitation bills, lost wages and decreased earning capacity. It also includes non-economic expenses that are harder to calculate like pain and suffering.
Contact a Personal Injury Attorney regarding Your Broken Pelvis Bone Injury

Someone injured you. Now you have to spend time recovering from your broken pelvis. No matter how it seems like you are not going to recover, you will preserve. You are strong. The most important thing to do is focus on your health and let a personal injury attorney get you the money you need to financially recover from your broken pelvis bone. Contact us immediately for help. We will work on your case. First, we will protect your legal rights by filing a claim in county court. We will also work to negotiate a settlement.

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