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Brain Infections

A brain infection can be caused by a variety of issues. Most of the time, it’s because there is already an infection in the body. The infection spreads to the brain in a short time, especially if it’s located in the mouth, nasal cavity or other areas of the body that are close to the brain. A brain infection lawyer can offer assistance if you feel that you have been infected because of treatments received in a hospital, staying in a hospital or being in another type of healthcare setting where these issues are present.

Most infections are caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi that travel through the body, similar to how a cold or the flu virus would travel. The issue with this kind of infection is that it can impact the spinal cord and other areas as well. Impacts on the body from an infection in these areas can be severe, sometimes leading to death. The brain often becomes inflamed from the infection, which can then lead to swelling. Meningitis is a common infection that easily spreads to other areas of the brain and the body. However, there are some infections that are in one area, such as an abscess. Infections can enter the body in a few different ways, such as through the blood, through a skull fracture or surgery performed on the brain or from sutured areas that become infected.

One of the infections that is transmitted by a parasite is toxoplasmosis. It can be spread from a mother to an unborn baby, eating vegetables that aren’t washed or meat that isn’t cooked or coming into contact with fecal material from cats. Infants have a very low chance of survival. If the infection is caught in time, then there is a possibility of surviving with the proper medications and treatments. Another kind of infection that is caused by a parasite is cerebral cysticercosis. This is an infection that is caused by a tapeworm that is present in pork. Symptoms include seizures and severe headaches.

Lyme disease is a common infection that is spread by ticks. Damage to the facial nerves is often one of the initial symptoms that you see. You might experience numbness and tingling in other areas of the body as well. Most of the time, the disease can be treated. Tuberculosis is another common infection that is like meningitis but can be treated. It often presents as an upper respiratory infection.

A brain infection attorney can file medical malpractice charges against the facility where you believe that the infection started. Sometimes, you can develop an infection from an injury to the brain. Injuries could be the result of a car accident, an act of violence or from a fall that results in an injury. Any kind of issue that results in a laceration of some kind where bacteria, a virus or fungi can enter the brain could lead to an infection. Sometimes, death can occur in less than 48 hours.

It’s important to find out what caused the infection so that the attorney can file a claim against the proper person whether it’s an insurance company or a hospital. There will likely be mounting healthcare bills if the person survives. If the person doesn’t survive, then family members left behind need to be taken care of, especially if the survivors are children. The attorney can examine the case to determine if negligence is involved with the healthcare staff or if there has been a misdiagnosis that relates to the infection that is present. If the infection was misdiagnosed and treatment could have been started sooner, then the people who are responsible could be on the receiving end of a claim that is filed.

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