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How to Make Maximum Settlement for Car Accident Back and Neck Injury in Los Angeles

Over 2.5 million Americans have to go to the emergency room every year following car accident injuries. The average settlement for accident back and neck injury varies depending on various factors. However, there are a few things that Los Angeles car accident attorneys can do to ensure that you get maximum compensation.

If you incur back and neck injuries following an accident that is the other person’s fault, you have the right to claim compensation for your medical expenses. Lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The strength of your case depends on the attorney you hire and their ability to prove that you deserve compensation. The following tips may help you get the maximum compensation.

1. Start Building Your Case from the Start

Start building your case right from the time of the accident. Collect all the evidence you can get and get a police report. When you contact the police after an accident, they will review the scene of the accident and give you a report.

2. Have a Settlement Value in Mind

Work with your car accident attorney to come up with a settlement value. If you choose to settle out of court, you should know how much you deserve. If you don’t, you may get less than you deserve. When calculating your settlement value, think about the amount you have spent in hospital bills and the amount you may have lost as wages.

Do not accept the first offer you get. Your car accident attorney should help you negotiate. If you don’t know the value of your claim, you are setting yourself up for a loss.

3. Gather all Points that May Favor You

With the help of your lawyer, you should do your best to mention all points that may favor you. Help the jury understand how the accident has affected you and why they should rule in your favor. Explain how the accident has affected your life. Do not focus solely on factors that have a monetary value. Pain and suffering and loss of quality of life may not have monetary value but they may increase your settlement value.

4. Hire the Right Attorney

Even though there are many Los Angeles car accident attorneys, they may not all be right. Hiring the right attorney increases your chances of success greatly. Even though you can pursue your claim without help, an attorney helps you get the best results. If you are hoping to settle out of court, the defendant is unlikely to take you seriously without a lawyer. A good attorney will help you navigate the legal terms and avoid confusion.

Even though it may be impossible for your car accident attorney to help you estimate the average settlement for accident back and neck injury, they may help you get the maximum settlement. If you need the help of a car accident attorney, consider working with El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers. Our services are reliable and we can help you as much compensation as you deserve. Contact us and get a free consultation.