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How Long Is Reckless Driving on Your Record in Los Angeles?

Reckless driving is where you drive a car on the highway at a speed or manner that endangers the lives of other road users or their property irrespective of the speed limit. The traffic violation has serious penalties if you are found guilty. 

How Long Is the Reckless Driving Charge Going to Remain on Your Record? 

This is a common question people ask. First, you need to understand how a conviction for this charge can impact your driving record or life personality, and professionally. Your driving record is vital to the employer, judge, military, school, as it evaluates whether you are qualified to discharge your duties in that institution.

Depending on how serious the violation is, the charge can stay on your record for different lengths of time. Under the law, a successful conviction means the charge will be part of your record for 11 years.

How to Fight a Reckless Driving Violation 

Once you are charged with the violation, it doesn’t mean that you are already convicted of that crime. Hiring an experienced lawyer helps you understand your options. One of the options is to fight the charge in court. The lawyers will argue that you were not driving recklessly and should be acquitted of that charge. The prosecution is duty-bound to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to secure a conviction.

The other option is to let the lawyers negotiate for a lesser charge with the prosecutor like improper driving or speeding, which will be on your record for a shorter time. The final option is to pre-pay your ticket and avoid going to court altogether. However, only some courts allow this option.

Prepaying is considered an admission of guilt, and that conviction will go on the record for 11 years. Reckless driving is considered a misdemeanor and requires disclosure during employment applications besides being part of your driving record. Prepaying opens you up for civil liability if the charge emanates from a car accident resulting in personal injury or property damage.

How Long Does the Reckless Driving Stay on Your Juvenile Record? 

Juvenile records are different from adult criminal records. Actually, juvenile records don’t require disclosure but are available to judges, law enforcement, prosecutors and select government agencies. If the conviction happened when you were a juvenile, the record is automatically expunged when you turn 19 years of age and 5 years have elapsed since the conviction.

How Does the Reckless Driving Conviction Affect Your Record?

Your criminal record is affected by reckless driving conviction. You can be safe if the charge happened when you were a juvenile. However, if it took place when you were an adult, then expect some issues.

A criminal record for this charge affects you if:

  1.     The nature of your work needs a security clearance
  2.     Your job involves driving a company vehicle
  3.     You have a CDL
  4.     You serve in the military
  5.     You are applying for admission into law school or to the bar
  6.     You are a resident in the US or have TPS status

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