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Home Depot Accident & Injury Attorneys

Home Depot is one of the biggest home improvement stores in the United States. They operate more than over 2000 stores in the U.S. alone. The company sells many types of construction materials for home improvement to help homeowners in fixing or building their properties.

Many contractors use Home Depot as their source of materials for their jobs as well. Home Depot offers the most variety in home improvement good selections at competitive prices.

However, because of the massive size and way their stores are stocked, it can lead to many customers getting hurt or injured. In many cases, these injuries were caused as a result of negligence from within the store or by employees.

Your Right to Safety on Private Property

LA slip and fall lawyersCustomers of Home Depot expect to be safe when visiting and shopping at the store. All business and property owners are legally bound to maintain their properties and premises in a way to ensure customers are safe.

If a hazard presents itself, the owner of the establishment has a duty to either warn customers of the hazard or get it fixed right away. When a customer is injured in an accident at a Home Depot, they may be able to get compensation for their injuries by filing a premises lawsuit against the company.

Unsafe Conditions Can Result In Injuries To Customers At Home Depot

San Clemente Personal Injury Lawyers | El Dabe Ritter Trial LawyersIf an employee or customer gets injured on Home Depot property as a result of an unsafe condition, they may be able to hold to company legally responsible for the injuries.

However, in order to win a case such as this, the victim who was injured must be able to show proof that the cause of their injuries was an unsafe condition that was not properly tended to. Because of the need to provide proper proof, many victims are encouraged to hire the help of a reputable personal injury lawyer who specializes in Home Depot injury cases.

To win a Home Depot injury claim, the law may require some proof from the following:

  • Home Depot was fully aware that there was a dangerous or hazardous condition existing that they failed to rectify or correct before the injury or accident happened.
  • Management or employees at the Home Depot store created a dangerous situation that directly resulted in a customer or employee getting hurt or injured.
  • The company never took the proper measures to fix the unsafe problem or post signs around the area warning customers or employees of the dangerous condition.

Additionally, under the law in most states, Home Depot and other home improvement stores are not able to allow hazardous or dangerous conditions to exist at all. They are required to fix the issues as soon as possible. If they fail to continuously maintain a safe environment for their workers and customers, they will be held legally liable for any injuries that happened as a result of the dangerous conditions. The victim will have a legal right to get compensation for their injuries.

Common Types Of Injuries That Occur At Home Depot:

  • Slip and falls from wet and slippery floors.
  • Sawdust is left on floors that cause slipping or falling.
  • Negligent forklift operators who might not be certified to operate the machine.
  • Improper storage or securing of overhead items.
  • Failure to keep the sales floor clear of debris, spills, or loose items.
  • Slip and fall injuries are related to hazards outside store entrance such as snow or icy conditions.

Seeking Compensation For Injuries Sustained At Home Depot

How Much Does a Fender Bender Cost in Los Angeles? | El Dabe Ritter Trial LawyersEach year, Home Depot handles many personal injury cases as a result of injuries that happen at one of its many stores. The company’s legal department has skilled claims adjusters who have much experience in trying to “lowball” the victims into settling for pennies on the dollar, especially when the victim is trying to represent themselves in the case.

Because of this situation, it is important for victims to consider hiring the help of a professional personal injury lawyer who knows how to expertly handle these Home Depot cases.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to build you a solid case around the incident. They can do so by getting security footage from the store, speaking to witnesses, and gathering any other pertinent information to help you have the best chance of winning your case and getting the compensation you deserve.

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