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You’ve suffered a personal injury and your life is a mess. Whether you had a slip and fall, a car accident, a dog bite, a severe burn, a brain injury, a dog bite, or a host of other injuries that were due to the fault of another, you have a right to compensation. It doesn’t matter if the injury occurred due to negligence or it was accidental. If someone else had a part in putting your welfare at risk, you need Glendale personal injury lawyers. The El Dabe Law Firm has a competent team of attorneys who are experienced in dealing with a wide range of personal injury cases. When you need professional help, the El Dabe Law Firm sands at the ready.

You’ve Been Hurt and Don’t Know Where to Turn

When a personal injury strikes, you’re never prepared for it. You don’t expect the pain or the suffering. You don’t expect time out of work and a loss of wages. Being out of work is the last thing you could have predicted. There are hospital bills, accident claims, and insurance claims. It’s enough to make your head spin and you don’t have the energy to deal with all of the formalities. This is the point when Glendale personal injury attorneys can help you to straighten out all of the confusion.

Find Out if You Deserve Compensation

Your first step is to contact the law team at El Dabe Law Firm, first rate personal injury lawyers in Glendale. They have dealt with cases like yours, know the legal system, and can tell you exactly what to expect. Share the details of your case and find out for certain if you can win compensation. Once your attorneys know the particulars about your injury, the circumstances, who is at fault, and your expenses, they will be able to move forward. If you have a justified case, the personal injury lawyers at the El Dabe Law Firm will take care of you.

You Need Financial Help to Get on with Your Life

A personal injury can truly sidetrack your life. It can mean an extended period while you are out of work, a mountain of medical bills, and a lengthy recovery. Multiple surgeries or rehabilitation may be necessary to restore your health. In some instances, permanent disability may be the result of your injury, forcing you to learn new skills to cope with your condition. The last thing you need is to struggle to get by while you are dealing with your injury. The personal injury attorneys in Glendale at El Dabe Law Firm will do everything possible to get fair compensation for your injuries.

Let Someone Else Take the Wheel of Your Life

When you have been hurt in a personal injury case, you don’t have time to battle with the billing department at the hospital and the insurance company. Wrangling and arguing with the other party can be exhausting. You need to concentrate on yourself. Enlist the aide of the El Dabe Law Firm and allow your attorneys to take on the negotiation process. They will deal with a long list of parties that are involved in your injury. This is your opportunity to let the experts take care of you.

Having an accident is a highly traumatic experience that can impact a person’s life in many ways. Unfortunately, one of the effects of living in a very fast-paced, demanding society is that people often rush to get where they are going, and try to be in too many places at once. Add to that the many distractions we are now dealing with, with constant phone calls and text messages coming in from our ever-present smartphones, and we’ve got a lot of accidents just waiting to happen.

Right now California has the highest car accident rate in the United States, besides Texas. The rate of fatal accidents in the US is now at 38,000 a year, and the number of accidents that cause injury is at 2 million. This high rate of injury means a lot of people may lose their jobs and their ability to remain able-bodied. That’s why it’s so important to take care behind the wheel and to be a responsible, focused driver.

Why It’s Important to Retain a Lawyer After An Accident

There are may reasons why accidents happen, but most stem from three major factors: Driver negligence (in which the driver is distracted and not paying attention to oncoming cars and pedestrians), Driving impaired due to intoxication from drugs and alcohol, and Product liability, when a car fails mechanically and goes out of control.

A driver who has been in an accident should retain a lawyer immediately to ensure that they are not blamed for the accident. One of the dangers for accident victims is in speaking to an insurance company right after the event. This is a time when a driver may still be in shock over what happened, and if injured, they may be severely traumatized.

Anything that is said to an insurance company may be used against you to blame you for the incident. This could make you liable for the event, which could have severe legal and financial repercussions for you. The wise choice is to avoid taking the call from an insurance company and contact an experienced law firm, like The El Dable Law Firm in Glendale, to handle all communications.

Experience and A Winning Track Record for Our Clients

The El Dabe Law Firm in Glendale, at, offers a team of legal experts who know how to win cases for their clients. This firm has a solid track record of success, with over tens of millions of dollars in combined settlements won for our clients.

Once an accident has taken place, there are many issues to be dealt with, including car repairs and medical bills. Once you have retained our firm to handle your accident case, we will begin the research and discovery process to ascertain what happened. We will work to handle all the neccessary issues associated with the accident, like obtaining funds for car repairs and medical bills, until the settlement funds have been received.

An initial consultation with the lawyers at The El Dabe Law Firm in Glendale is free of charge, and we will work on the litigation of the case for free on a contingency basis. Our firm will be paid after the final settlement is reached, so there is no risk to you in having us represent you.

Going forward with negotiations after an accident without an experienced legal team is a risky business, and it can cost you financially and also legally if you are found to be at fault in a serious accident. Isn’t it worth it to have a team of experienced personal injury lawyers on your side, fighting for you? The El Dabe Law Firm in Glendale has a history of winning settlements for our clients, so call us now for a free consultation.

We are ready to work for you, to ensure you recover from your accident and heal.

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