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Chula Vista Personal Injury Lawyers

Car and motorcycle crashes are common in California, due to the high volume of traffic on the roadways.This results in a lot of Chula Vista personal injury claims. If you have been injured in a Chula Vista accident, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney before the statute of limitations runs out. Below are some ways an experienced personal injury lawyer at the El Dabe Law Firm can help you recover a settlement for your injuries.


In California, you must prove your personal injury case because the other driver involved failed to exercise an appropriate amount of care, which resulted in your injuries. Drivers must make safe decisions while behind the wheel such as not texting while driving or obeying the speed limit. If they do not and cause a crash, they may be found negligent in a personal injury case and be required to compensate you for your injuries. Our law firm has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies involved in auto accident cases similar to yours.

Time Frame

You have 2 years to file a personal injury case after your accident in California. After this time frame has passed, you will be unable to file a case in court for compensation for your injuries or damage to your car. An exception is made for accidents involving those who work for a government agency. In these cases, you only have 6 months to file your claim with the court.Dealing with a government agency can be a trying and rigorous process. Hiring an attorney to help you cut through the red tape and maze of paperwork is key to successfully receiving compensation.


You can seek compensation for expenses you incur as a result of your accident with a personal injury case. You may be entitled to receive money for medical bills, transportation costs, car repair, prescriptions, insurance co-payments, replacement car rental and permanent disabilities. When filing a personal injury case, it is important to keep accurate records of all expenses related to your case. This is the only way to be sure you receive fair compensation. You may also be able to receive money for lost wages if you are hospitalized or have to take time off from work after the accident. If you are disabled as a result of your injuries, you may be able to receive money for wages lost in the future.

What A Lawyer Can Do For You

If you have been injured in a Chula Vista personal injury case, the last thing you need is to worry about dealing with insurance companies and healthcare providers. Our law firm has experience in handling personal injury cases. We can:

  • Work To Discover Who Was At Fault
  • Refer You To Doctors Who Can Help You Recover
  • Hire Investigators If Necessary
  • Speak With Insurance Companies On Your Behalf
  • File The Appropriate Court Documents
  • Speak With The Other Driver’s Lawyers
  • Represent You During A Trial

Chula Vista is one of the busiest cities in California, so personal injuries due to car accidents are frequent in this area. If you have been involved in an accident and suffered injuries as a result, we can help. Contact the office of the El Dabe Law Firm for a consultation and discussion of your case. We will take you through the court process step-by-step, so you understand every aspect of filing a personal injury claim. Our lawyers can help you weave your way through the legal process, so you can obtain the settlement you deserve. Hiring an attorney is a step you can take to gain control of your finances and get peace of mind during your recovery.

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