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How Do I Choose a Lawyer That Is Right for Me?

When you are choosing a lawyer for a specific case, you will want an attorney that represents you and your situation to the best of their ability. Every case you have is important to you, no matter how small and insignificant or large it may seem. Below are some tips for choosing the proper lawyer for you.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better

An attorney may charge a small fee, a large amount or somewhere in between. One thing you should remember is that just because an attorney’s fees are larger doesn’t necessarily mean that is the better attorney for your case. Likewise, an attorney who charges a small fee may be inexperienced and just beginning his practice. Do your homework!

Ask about the lawyer’s experience

You should check to see what type of experience this lawyer has, particularly in your case area. Find out what state and local bars he is associated with. Ask how long he has practiced law in cases of your type and what other special training or knowledge he has other than his degree. You should also ask if he has any references.

Additional fees

Find out if there will be any additional fees other than those already presented. Find out if there will be anyone else working on the case other than him and if any of the work will be outsourced to other areas. Other fees to ask about are postage, copy and filing fees.

Written agreement

Check to see if he will offer a written agreement. It is a good idea to ensure that anything you discuss as far as representation or any offers he makes will be put in writing and signed by him. This is an important factor in ensuring your protection, and any attorney who wouldn’t agree to this may not be appropriate for you. Of course, he can’t possibly promise you an outcome for your case, and you should steer away from an attorney who makes promises such as this or ensures large settlements.

Keeping you informed

Ask about how the lawyer intends on keeping you informed of your case. You should also find out how often he plans on informing you of different aspects that are happening. Sitting around waiting for weeks at a time can be brutal to your mind and cause sleepless nights. Choose an attorney that will keep you informed of details as they arise.

Research the lawyer

You should always research his credentials. Perform a background check to check his past. Ask other attorneys who know him about his credentials and where he stands in the world of law. Check to see if he has violated any ethics rules. You can also conduct a Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory search for this particular lawyer.

When deciding, ask yourself

After you have checked with several lawyers, it’s time to make your decision. You should always check more than one and not choose the first one you come to. One thing you want to ask yourself is was he prompt in answering questions you asked? Are his fees reasonable and are his terms of agreement to your satisfaction? Did his experience and background check reach your expectations?


Choosing an attorney for your case is important and should never be taken lightly. To ensure that you hire the proper lawyer for your case, follow these tips. A lawyer who is sufficient and has the experience and knowledge won’t mind your questions. In fact, they expect you to ask questions and check their credentials. When you follow proper procedure, you will feel comfortable with him and have the best situation for your case.

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