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Child Drowning Accident Attorneys

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Child drowning is considered a personal injury and requires the immediate filing of a claim. Swimming can be an exciting recreational activity, but it becomes dangerous when a child’s life is at stake. When a child is injured in a swimming pool, he or she can be permanently disabled or die.


Who are Child Drowning Accident Attorneys?


In Los Angeles, child drowning cases are handled by child drowning accident attorneys from prestigious law firms. These skilled attorneys understand the emotional challenges that parents undergo when their child has been injured or died because of drowning in swimming pool. They are compassionate lawyers who ease the parents’ burden by fighting for their compensation and justice.


The child drowning attorneys are diligent investigators who critically determine the cause and liability of the accident. They ensure that those who caused the accident are held accountable. Therefore, when a parent’s trust has been violated, these attorneys intervene to seek justice. Law firms dealing with child drowning cases usually have some essential resources to facilitate their investigation, for instance, an in-house medical doctor to diagnose the child.


The Responsible Parties in a Drowning Accident


When a child drowning accident attorney receives a case, he or she evaluates the case based on three instances. The child might have drowned because of three reasons including premises liability, negligence, and product liability. In premises liability, a property owner becomes liable for the accident if he or she knew of the dangerous conditions on the property. A property owner should be cautious with the safety of the property like a swimming pool to avoid this claim. For instance, he or she should conduct proper fencing around the pool area, provide strict supervision, and place warning signs near the pool.


Negligence entails a failure to do a reasonable action thus leading to injuries. A person is considered liable for a drowning accident when they act negligently. A property owner becomes liable to an accident when he/she fails to provide supervision in the swimming pool. Further, a swimming pool owner is liable to a drowning accident if he/she fails to uphold an ordinance’s request of lacing the pool’s gate and fencing.


On the other hand, product liability occurs when defective products harm a person. The manufacturer or seller of a faulty swimming pool or equipment is held responsible for the drowning accident. For example, the manufacturer is liable for drowning claims if the pool drain was designed poorly.


Essential Tools for the Attorney


After a drowning accident has occurred, you should consider undertaking the following activities to help the child drowning accident attorney in solving your case. You should preserve evidence like writing addresses, names or phone numbers. You can also take photographs of the swimming pool area from different angles. Further, you can take photographs of the defective equipment that had contributed to the accident. The child drowning accident lawyer will require a document of the events that occurred during the accident. Further, you should obtain police reports and relevant medical records from the hospital emergency room. Witnesses will also be significant for the case. Contacting a skilled child drowning accident attorney after the accident is the best thing to do. The lawyer will provide you with legal support during that emotional and traumatic moment.


Tips To Consider After an Accident


You should not rush to talk to an insurance company in the absence of an attorney after the accident. The attorney will guide you in getting your settlement and justice. Your attorney will communicate with the insurance company’s representatives including investigators, lawyers, and adjusters to reach a mutual settlement. In a near-drown case, the injured party is compensated once the case has been settled.


Before hiring a child drowning accident attorney, you should select a lawyer who is devoted to your case and act with professionalism. You should consider a well-financed law firm because of the large resources required when the case is taken to trial. Additionally, your priority should lie in hiring a long-term experienced lawyer with a history of winning such cases.


In conclusion, parents and guardians can now fight for justice for drowning accidents. Child drowning accident attorneys located in Los Angeles law firms are trained to provide legal help to those who are affected by these accidents. They also ensure that the clients get full compensation from insurance companies.

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