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Pedestrian Killed by LAPD Cruiser: Options for Surviving Family Members 

Members of the California law enforcement community continue their investigation into the causes and contributing factors that led to a fatal pedestrian accident in Sherman Oaks on May 31, 2022. According to KTLA News, a person was walking along the northbound 170 Freeway near Victory Boulevard around 10:30 p.m. The victim was struck by a …

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Do Bike Buffer Zones Prevent Bicycle Accidents in Sherman Oaks?

Riding your bike is among the most efficient, affordable ways to get around busy cities in Southern California, but bicycle accidents are a considerable risk in urban areas. More than 160 riders are killed and another 11,000 injured in bike collisions statewide, and California’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reports the dangers in Los Angeles …

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Leading Causes For Traffic-Related Injuries and Fatalities in California

Causes for Traffic-Related Injuries Serious motor vehicle collisions happen every day in California. According to data published by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), more than 277,000 people are hurt in car wrecks in the state each year. These crashes can occur for a wide range of different reasons and every collision should be investigated. At …

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What Happens if I Get in a Car Accident Without a License?

Nobody expects to be involved in a traffic collision after getting behind the wheel, but car crashes can happen at almost any time and any place. Crashes can be devastating, and injury victims should immediately begin the process of seeking compensation for losses. Yet knowing what to do when you have been involved in a …