Can I Have An Expert Testify For How My Bicycle Accident Occurred in Los Angeles, CA?

Our bicycle accidents attorney in Los Angeles often encounter some of the most devastating personal injury cases in the area. While the number of bicycles injured every year due to negligence pales in comparison to the number of auto accidents, it’s an unfortunate fact that bicyclist injuries are more often fatal or severe. The explanation for this is common sense. When someone is on a bicycle and comes into contact with a larger, heavier mode of transportation, the human on the bicycle is going to suffer more severe injuries. We deal with these cases frequently and know just how tragic a bicycle accident can be.

One of the first things many bicyclists wonder is if an expert can testify in court about how the accident occurred. This question makes a lot of sense and it’s natural for anyone to wonder about this. Expert testimony is often very important in personal injury cases because the expert is credible and knowledgeable in a way that others aren’t. They help judges to understand more about the bicycle as a mode of transportation and about important facts behind the accident. It’s up to the injured person to show exactly why the other party was negligent, so when we enter a courtroom to represent you, we spare no expense in bringing experts in to explain your side of events.

While an expert can’t be expected to know HOW the accident occurred (only you and the negligent party know exactly what led to the accident), what they can explain is why your version of events is credible and true. For example, the expert might have extensive knowledge about bicycle accidents and how they occur, so they can look at your side of the story and the negligent side and explain to the court why your version of events is the one that is true.

It’s sad, but many times a negligent party will attempt to get out of their responsibility in a bicycle accident. They may skew the nature of events to shed light on themselves favorably and shirk true accountability for the damage they’ve caused. Our job is to bring in expert witnesses who can cooperate the true version of events. This might include an expert who can confirm, through research and expertise, that the angle of impact is consistent with a negligent decision on the part of the auto driver and not the bicyclist.

Remember that all drivers have a “duty of care” to make sure that they look out for bicycles traveling in their nearby area. Some cases are easy, such as when a drunk driver leaves the road temporarily and hits a bicycle riding on the sidewalk. This kind of case might not even need an expert witness to prove to a judge that the person’s insurance or the person themselves needs to be held responsible for the horrific damage they caused. In other cases where the bicyclist might have at least had some part in the accident, it might be more difficult to prove (such as if the offending negligent party claims that a bicycle abruptly darted out in front of them).

We’re one of the few law offices in personal injury cases that believes strongly in the importance of expert witnesses. We don’t care to pay them if we think that they’re going to help our cause. When we take on a personal injury case, we do it no holds barred. We’re seeking the maximum amount of damages in EVERY case, and we don’t care if we have to put our own dollars on the line to bring in expert witnesses and strengthen your case.

Long story short, yes an expert can testify about your bicycle accident. While they can’t tell the judge how it happened, they can use their knowledge and expertise to show the judge why your version of events is the way it happened. We’ll always bring in an expert if we think it’s going to help you. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, please call on a law office that represents you fully, not just halfheartedly. We don’t believe in doing these cases part time. We’re in it to fight for your case and will do so with all the tools at our disposal.