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Los Angeles, CA Bike Share Accident Attorneys

Bike sharing program is available in many cities in the United States. The program helps people who do not have any other transportation means to travel around the city. It is a cost-effective way to move and save money on transportation. It is inevitable to get into an accident when riding the share program bikes. The participant can get involved in accident like being hit by the other drivers, mechanical failure, knocking pedestrians and colliding with each other. Bicycle accidents that occur due to negligence mean that the victim will get compensated for the suffering and financial loss. Seeking the assistance of an attorney will help an individual know more about the available legal options.


The bicycle share accident attorney will represent the victim who has got injuries from the accident. The lawyer will investigate the case and carefully analyze the coverage issues. Moreover, the attorney will seek maximum compensation for their client. If the injury is as a result of negligence, then the victim will have a strong case.


The bike sharing programs have increased in popularity, and the specifics vary from one city to another. However, the bicycles follow the same procedure. The bicycles are available for a given amount, and one has to use their credit card to get one of the bikes. The bike share program has helped other tourist and locals to enjoy riding and explore the city. There are many positive effects of bike sharing. It can reduce environmental impact, increase tourism, and give bikers the opportunity of enjoying being outdoors. There are also dangers associated with bike sharing. For instance, it can lead to severe injuries.


Bicycle under the bike sharing program is not maintained in the same way as private bicycles. One will not know if the bike has lubricated gears, filled tires and if the break and chains are working properly. In case the bicycle is not maintained correctly, it will lead to severe accidents. The brakes may fail or the tire pop out. Moreover, through the bike sharing program, anyone can hop onto the bicycle and start riding even if they do not know how to ride a bike. Such riders may not know the rules to follow while on the road when riding their bicycle. Therefore, it can lead to a collision with pedestrians, cars or any object on the street. At times, the bike rider may try to avoid the open door but crashes into the car instead. Such an incident can lead to severe injuries. In this scenario, the accident is the fault of the person who opened the door in the first place. Moreover, the bike sharing program does not have any helmets with are meant to protect the rider in case of an accident. Not wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle will expose the rider to some serious injuries. Therefore, it is advisable to get a helmet if one is going to use the bike share program. The helmet will help in keeping the rider safe and will prevent serious medical issues.


The impact of bike sharing program should not be understated. There is need to be weary of such safety risks when using the bike share program. A person who gets injured while using the bike share program is entitled to compensation. Hiring an injury attorney will help one to recover their money and cover the losses suffered. The attorney is devoted to fighting for the rights of the rider who has had severe injuries. The attorney investigates the case and analyzes it to reveal coverage issues and makes sure that the victim gets maximum compensation. When the accident is as a result of a defect on the bicycle, the responsible party will be held liable. The bicycle share attorney has handled similar cases and is experienced. The lawyer will use his knowledge and skills to address the technical aspects of the bicycle share program accident. There is no doubt that hiring a qualified bicycle attorney will present a strong case on behalf of the bike rider. Once the lawyer wins the case, he can be paid a certain percentage of the total compensation. It will depend on the amount agreed upon.