How do I best protect myself as a motorcyclist?

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is extremely frightening, but motorcycle accidents prove to be unpleasant and terrifying. The danger of sustaining severe injuries is even much higher than any other motor machines since the motorcyclists have less metal cover to protect them. Unfortunately, a significant number of motorists never take any attention on how to watch for motorcycle riders as well. But there are plenty of safety measures for bikes to adhere to ensure maximum protection-before an accident occurs and in an unfortunate case when the motorcyclist is involved in an accident. The following tips are essential in preventing many problems from happening and bounce back quickly in the event of an accident.


Wear the Right Gear


Most motorcyclists tend to ignore the aspect of suitable clothing when riding, often taking a recipe of a T-shirt, jeans, and sandals which renders a painful experience in a bike accident. The right clothing is inevitable to provide safety from devastating factors such as wind chill, flying bugs, debris, and any other road rash in case the motorcyclist slide out. Cyclists should go for maximum protection gears-a leather outfits or any other reinforced jackets, gloves, full pants, over-the-ankle footwear shoes. This clothing should be harnessed even in the summer season.


Professionally designed jackets equipped with rugged padding and breathable mesh material provide protection and ventilation for constant air filtering during warm spells. Eyes mark one of the principal parts of riding which need absolute protection; hence motorcyclists should depend on eyeglasses on the bike’s windscreen; using a helmet visor is inevitable. Keeping in mind that most vehicle drivers who hit a motorcycle riders claim that they never spotted them hence the need of putting on brightly colored gears especially reflectors.


Act Defensively


A significant number of accidents which happen involving a motorcycle and a car colliding, car drivers are at fault in most scenarios. Hence this calls for motorcyclists to keep a keen mind and alert especially in this era of epidemic phone usage under texting while behind the wheel. Motorcyclists should keep an eye on for the vehicles that suddenly change lanes recklessly or pulling out from side streets and side roadside parking, also keeping stopping distance is crucial as it gives time to easily navigate through road obstacles as an object a car comfortably straddle on could be hazardous when on a bike.


Avoid Bad Weather


Slippery conditions pose a reduced margin of error. Rainy weather not only cuts the clear visibility but also minimizes tires’ grip on the road which renders a challenging ordeal when negotiating corners. If there is a need to ride in the rain, the motorcyclists ought to be informed that it dangerous when precipitation starts, since water can result in oil residue rising to the top. Any sudden careless maneuvers should get abolished. Motorcyclists should apply gentle force on breaks, throttle, and steering to reduce sliding scenes.


Use Road Hazards


Motorcycles contact pavements on rare occasions when compared to vehicles, sand particles, wet leaves or pebbles easily makes bikes to slide unexpectedly. Keeping a keen eye on road signs such as bumps, and potholes give a hint on what to expect ahead thus if you can’t evade them, slow down to a suitable speed before encountering them with a minimal steering activity. Others features including railroads and other road hazards should be tackled as close to a right angle as you can to reduce the probability of skidding.


Be Prepared to Roll


Before taking any ride do a quick check up on the bike to be certain that all parts are in functional condition, components including lights, horn, and indicators should at all times work properly. See whether the chain, shaft, and brakes are in order and never forget to inspect tires for wear and ensuring they are set at standard pressure. When these parts are not in a fit state, for example, worn-out brakes and improperly inflated tires substantially increase safety risks, when the tires are under-inflated, controlling the bike becomes difficult as the steering gets harder, and it will never conform to leaning.


Take a Riding Course


Joining beginning and experienced rider motorcycle riding classes give the benefit of refreshing aiding the riders of different capacities with safety techniques and learning new things about professional riding of motorcycles. Riding courses equips riders with prior knowledge and techniques on what to expect on real road expenditures.


Summing up, as the saying that states prevention is better than cure goes, riders should not wait to break their bones and sustain fatal injuries to take precautions rather keep the simple tips discussed to enable them to avoid any possible involvement in accidents which could not have occurred. If you’ve been struck by a car as a motorcylist, contact a Los Angeles motorscyle accident attorney for help.