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Auto Accident Personal Injury in Los Angeles, Calif.

An auto accident can happen in a matter of seconds and turn your entire life upside down. Some accidents are minor and only cause damage to property. However, when individuals get injured in auto accidents, there is a likelihood for a personal injury case.

Do you understand the steps to take after you have been involved in an auto accident? The Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers wants to assist you in getting prepared. Here are the steps you should take after an auto accident injury.

1. Preliminary Investigation

At the accident scene, the primary priority should be your health. If you have sustained serious injuries and need an ambulance, ensure that you get the care you require. If you are able to do some initial investigation, like taking pictures at the accident scene and collecting the names and contacts of the witnesses, you will be a step ahead.

The information collected during the initial investigation can assist in moving your case more quickly and offer evidence if there are questions concerning how the accident happened.

2. Getting Medical Treatment

Getting medical treatment can be the most crucial step in returning to your normal life after an auto accident personal injury. When you seek medical treatment, ensure that you explain all your symptoms.

Be honest with the doctor, but do not exaggerate. This will assist your doctor in providing you with the best treatment possible.

3. File Your Claim With Your Insurance Provider

After a car accident, you should inform your car insurance company about it. Often, the insurance company can help repair the damages provided you have accident coverage under your car insurance policy.

However, the insurance company can try to convince you to settle for less money than what you deserve. At that point, you might want to consider hiring an auto accident personal injury attorney.

4. Initial Consultation With Your Auto Accident Attorney

The personal injury attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers have years of experience practicing in personal injury law. Hiring a car accident attorney who understands personal injury cases will assist you in ensuring that the insurance company does not take advantage of your situation.

5. Settlement Demand

Once your health has stabilized, your attorney will submit a demand for settlement to your insurance company on your behalf. The insurance company offers its initial offer, and your attorney negotiates until you get fair compensation.

6. Filing A Lawsuit

When you get the final offer from the insurance company, it is your choice whether to accept the offer or to file a court case. Because the insurance company does not want you to file a lawsuit, they will try to undergo a mediation process with a neutral third party.

You can choose to settle through mediation before trial or choose to pursue a trial. Your lawyer can help you through all these phases of your case and work tirelessly to ensure that you get the settlement you deserve for your auto accident injuries.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have any questions about your legal options after sustaining an injury during a car accident, contact the team of personal injury lawyers at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers to learn more.