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A Slip-and-Fall Knee Injury is Very Serious

Many people do not believe a slip and fall is a serious accident and that victims only suffer minor injuries. While it is true that not all slip-and-fall injuries are severe and that some people walk away from the accident unharmed, injuries to the knee are very common. A person may fall on their knee, shattering the kneecap and surrounding bones, or the knee may twist unnaturally during a fall.

Regardless of the type of damage the knee sustained, each injury is unique. However, four types of slip-and-fall knee injuries are common after a slip and fall. They include:

Broken bones

The patella, more commonly known as the kneecap, has a dual function. It protects the knee joint and connects the muscles at the front of the thigh to the shinbone. Broken or fractured kneecaps are not very common in slip-and-fall accidents due to another person’s negligence, but they are some of the most serious injuries you could sustain. Even if the bone does not shift, you will have to wear a brace for several weeks to keep the knee stationary. Until the bone is fully healed, you may be unable to put any weight on your leg for several months. 

If the bone does shift during the slip-and-fall accident, you may require surgery, which is painful and very expensive. Post-operative care also sometimes requires physical therapy for several months, disrupting your life further and will cause you to incur other damages or expenses.

Sprained tendons or muscles

 A sprained tendon or muscle occurs when the ligaments are stretched beyond their normal capacity. While the ligaments are strained, they are not torn, but a sprained tendon or muscle is still extremely painful, and swelling, stiffness, and bruising can result. In most cases, sprained tendons and muscles are treated with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. In severe cases, a brace is necessary to keep the knee immobile as it heals.

Torn ligaments

When a ligament is stretched far beyond its capacity, it will tear, and this injury is extremely painful. Surgery is often required, although many of these injuries will heal on their own. Surgery can also result in a permanent injury, as cartilage is removed from the knee. Of all the torn ligaments associated with knee injuries, a torn meniscus is the most common and one of the most painful.

ACL injuries

It is not uncommon for people to say they heard a popping sound in their knees before experiencing a great amount of pain. When this is the case, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) was likely damaged during the fall. An ACL slip-and-fall knee injury will typically require surgery, and it takes a long time to recover from this type of injury.

Our slip-and-fall accident lawyers in Los Angeles can help with your injury

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