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Victorville Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Victorville Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers

In the moments following a motorcycle/bicycle accident, the motorcyclist or bicyclist is simply happy to be alive. However, as the hours and days drag on and the traumatic reality of what the motorcycle/bicycle accident means for the victim comes to the fore, the situation can become overwhelming.

In the ambulance ride to the hospital, Victorville, California motorcyclists and bicyclists are forced to come to grips with how their accident has changed their lives. They may be dealing with serious injuries and looking at days, weeks, or even months away from work. Soon, medical bills start to pile up, and the recovery process can take a lot longer than they have expected.

On top of that, the negative public view that accompanies motorcyclists and sometimes bicyclists can affect the way that victims of motorcycle/bicycle accidents are treated by the medical community, law enforcement, and by insurance companies.

At the El Dabe Law Firm, we are committed to seeing to it that motorcycle and bicycle accident victims get the financial compensation they are due. We understand that you are among some of the safest drivers in California. When an accident happens, it is likely that it was not your fault.

Reasons for California Motorcycle/Bicycle Accidents

Out of necessity, motorcycle and bicycle operators are some of the most cautious people on the road. They do not have all of the protection that a truck driver or a passenger automobile driver have. The only thing that stands in between them and the road, or another vehicle, is their helmet, their jacket, and whatever minor body protection they are wearing.

Unfortunately, many California residents drive distracted. Some of the primary reasons for motorcycle accidents are the following:

  • Inexperienced Drivers
  • Automobile Drivers on Drugs or Alcohol
  • Distracted Drivers Talking on Cell Phones, Texting, or Eating
  • Poor Road and Weather Condition
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating

On California roads, many of the motorcycle and bicycle accidents have a point of impact at the front of the bike. This causes the bike to flip forward, resulting in some of the most devastating injuries a person can see.

As a result of the severity of the injuries, the emotional pain, medical expenses, damage to property, and lost wages experienced by the motorcycle/bicycle victim are very high. Often times, they are left wondering whether or not they will be able to ride again.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Many motorcycle/bicycle accident victims think to themselves that it is better to forgo the expense of an attorney and attempt to reach a settlement with the at fault driver’s insurance company on their own.

This is the worst decision they can make. One of the reasons why is because the amount of money you receive in compensation is connected to the level of negligence and the level of responsibility of the at fault party.

The at fault party could include the individual in the other automobile, but it could also include government agencies responsible for maintaining the roads, the manufacturer of your motorcycle or bike, or the manufacturer of the at fault automobile.

On your own, it is likely that you do not have the experience or the resources needed to identify the at fault party and force them to accept their responsibility for their role in your accident. Every single at fault party will have attorneys who have the sole purpose of protecting their client’s financial assets. If you attempt to reach a settlement on a serious motorcycle/bicycle accident on your own, you are doing a huge disservice to yourself and to your family.

The Benefits of Working with Us

The El Debe Law Firm has more than three decades of experience protecting California residents. Evidence of our success is seen in more than $20 million in positive verdicts that we have recovered.

Our goal is to help you. If you don’t win, we do not collect fees. It is that simple. Our success is linked to your success.

For this reason, we are selective about the cases we take. We will happily consult with you and listen to the particulars of your case. If we feel that our expertise can help you, you can be assured that we will be there to support you 100 percent of the way. From repairing your vehicle to helping you find adequate medical care to standing up for you in court, we are willing to do whatever it takes to help our clients receive the financial compensation they deserve.

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