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Santa Monica Slip and Fall Attorneys

If you have suffered an injury in a slip and fall incident, you may be entitled to file a claim with a Santa Monica slip and fall attorney for those injuries . Whether you are eligible to do so is subject to a number of considerations. On other words, the wording here incluses ’May” be entitled. As is the case with many law related questions, the answer can be complicated.

Requirements to File a Slip and fall Claim

In order to file a legitimate claim that will bear up to the provisions of slip and fall law, the accident must have been caused by the property owner’s failure to correct the situation that caused the accident – and actually allowed that condition to continue without making repairs. The laws leave room for interpretation, an area best left to the expertise of an accomplished slip and fall law firm such at El Dabe Law, a well established L A practice that has attended to the legal needs of hundreds of clients from Los Angeles, Orange county, Riverside and Santa Monica for over a decade.

Slip and Fall injuries, whether they occur indoors or outdoors fall under the broad category of premises liability. Causes vary accordingly. Indoor claims often arise from accidents involving torn or loose carpet, dangerous flooring issues, poorly lit stairways that are difficult to maneuver, slippery floors, and other similar defects.

Outdoor slip and fall accidents can often be traced to ice and snow that hasn’t been properly removed, cracked sidewalks, potholes in drives and lanes on the premises and a long list of other unexpected calamities that occur on a daily basis.

Why Choose El Dabe Law?

Edmond El Dabe and his legal staff of experienced slip and fall attorneys in Santa Monica have addressed and worked with all of these personal injury claims on many occasions. Because of the manner in which the laws are written, it is the responsibility of the injured party or to prove that the true cause of the accident that caused the injury was a dangerous situation on the property that could not have been anticipated and thus avoided by that party.

The process can become quite difficult and because of the demands of the judicial system. To build a solid case, it becomes the responsibility of the slip and fall victim to prove that dangerous elements did exist. To do that, he must conduct an investigation of the facts and circumstances that will prove:

  • The property owner created the condition that caused the accident
  • He knew that the the condition existed and negligent to fix the problem
  • The property owner discovered the problem for some time but did nothing about it
  • It was inevitable that danger would prompt an accidental injury accident

This is where an experienced Santa Monica slip and fall lawyer like Edmond El Dabe can help. His firm is experience with this process. Edmund has a staff of investigators available who can gather the evidence and proof required.

Municipal Application

In Santa Monica, a number of slip and fall injuries occur on city streets and other municipal properties in and around the town. The famous beach and pier attract huge crowds every year. With those crowds, the probability of injuries increase. If your injury was caused by a slip and fall injury in a city location, the process to file a claim can be even more difficult and involved.

For example, to be successful in winning your damage claim and win a settlement or arbitration, the injured party must show how Santa Monica failed to maintain its walkways and streets properly. Many deadlines and tougher guidelines for giving notice to the city.must be observed. All of this is better left in the hands of a Santa Monica slip and fall lawyer with experience in these matters.

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