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La Habra Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

La Habra, California residents who use a bicycle or motorcycle for transportation understand how dangerous biking can be. In the majority of the cases, the danger stems not from reckless actions on the part of the motorcyclist or bicyclist, but instead they stem from negligence on the part of automobile owners and truck drivers.

If you or someone that you love is the victim of a motorcycle or bicycle accident, it is important that you consult with a trained, skilled, experienced California personal injury attorney. Their goal should be to work with you to get you compensation to cover your current financial medical needs, any lost wages, and unforeseen damages, and to protect you and your family in the future.

The El Dabe Law Firm has more than 30 years experience helping California residents get the compensation they deserve. We understand what it takes to win.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The law and insurance policies are two of the most complicated things in the world to understand. They are intentionally complicated because their goal is to provide protection and to cover any eventuality.

Because of that, deciphering the laws connected to personal injuries while at the same time understanding insurance policies is challenging. Most people do not have the training, experience, or the time to accurately do this for themselves. This is why a personal injury victim needs a personal injury attorney.

Determining Who Is at Fault

A big challenge with motorcycle and bicycle accidents is determining or proving who is at fault. In some cases, the driver of the automobile is 100 percent at fault. In other instances, the motorcyclist or bicyclist may share a percentage of the fault.

At the same time, governmental agencies such as those that are tasked with taking care of the nation’s roads may be at fault. Potholes, poorly marked roads, or missing road signs may have contributed to the accident.

Determining who is at fault often requires investigation. To be sure, insurance companies will have their investigators at the ready immediately reviewing the crime scene and talking to other witnesses. All of this is done with the goal of protecting themselves and their clients.

At the El Dabe Law Firm, our goal is to see to it that you, the accident victim, have the same level of protection and support. Working with investigators and expert witnesses, we help to prove that it was the other party’s negligence that led to the accident.

Some factors that can lead to a catastrophic bicycle or motorcycle accident may include:

  • Driving Too Fast or Driving Recklessly
  • Dangerous Road Conditions
  • Motorists Who Turn Left Illegally
  • Drivers Who Are Distracted by Their Cell Phone, Radio, or Food
  • Poorly Marked Roads

During the course of our investigation, we will examine police reports with the goal of understanding who really is liable for the accident. If there is still some doubt about the other party’s negligence, we have the resources at our disposal to speak to accident reconstructionists with the goal of identifying who was at fault.

The investigative skills of our lawyers in our team has proven to be invaluable for more than three decades.

Seeking Compensation

In our years of helping California residents get the financial compensation they deserve, we have seen firsthand the traumatic effects that a motorcycle or bicycle accident can have not only on the victim, but also on their families. While the victim is going through the arduous task of recovering from their injuries, at the same time they are beset with medical expenses, the fear of losing their job, the inability to cover their living expenses, and the real worry that financially they may not be able to get back on their feet.

For this reason, the El Dabe Law Firm is committed to getting you every single dime of compensation you are owed. To this end, we will seek compensation for actual damages, medical expenses, lost wages, expenses connected with remodeling your home for things like wheel chairs or installing ramps, as well as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and any other applicable damages.

We have helped our clients receive more than $20 million in combined awards. We are aggressive, we are dedicated, we are firm.

Since we do not get paid unless you do, it is in our vested interest to help you win. Let us put our experience and skill to work for you.

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