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Hawthorne Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

There is no time in your life that you will feel more free than when you are riding on your motorcycle through the streets of Hawthorne, CA and the surrounding communities. Being a few minutes away from places like Manhattan Beach give riding a whole new meaning. Being on a bike will also make you more vulnerable, however. The tattered side streets in some neighborhoods do not lend themselves well to two-wheel vehicles. Other vehicles are also a concern. In fact, most accidents that involve cyclists occur because of negligence of the other driver. Yet, insurance companies and other drivers are usually reluctant to pay you if you get into an accident. So what should you do then?

My Bike Was Not That Expensive Anyway

This is not the right approach to take if you get into an accident with another motorist, especially if the accident was due to negligence. As anyone that has ever been in an accident before knows, the initial crash is only the first step in a long line of stressful situations and ordeals that you and your family will have to go through. Sure, you might be able to pay to fix the bike or other property that was damaged, but what happens if you are injured badly enough to go to the hospital.

If you go to the hospital, they will take excellent care of you. The doctors and nurses will get you feeling better as quickly as they can. Sure, you might have to take some pain medications and go through a surgery, but it is all worth it to walk away from that accident in one piece. When you leave and get the bill, however, you may think that it was all for naught. They will charge you for just about everything that you touch in the hospital. They will even charge you for the ride that you took there in the ambulance. If you drove yourself, you will be charged an extra fee from the emergency room.

Your troubles do not stop at the hospital doors, however. You will probably have to continue to go through recovery from your accident for the next several weeks. This might mean going to physical therapy sessions and maybe even counseling. These sessions cost money. You might not be able to work right away, or at all, after your accident. This will cost you in lost wages that you will no longer be able to use to pay your ever-increasing debt. With all of this looming over your family, you might think bankruptcy is the answer. Wrong. Now is the time to call a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are injured and the other motorist or person at fault does not want to pay you for your injury and treatment, then a personal injury lawyer is the way to go. They will use their knowledge of the law to build you a case based on the facts of your accident. They will point the finger at the guilty parties and give them a chance to make everything all right by giving you the compensation that you need to get back on your feet. Sometimes, you will be able to settle outside of court and have all of your medical bills expunged. These are the results that you can probably expect if you hire a personal injury lawyer from the El Dabe Law Firm.

The El Dabe Law Firm is a legal firm that is based in Southern California and severs the communities of Hawthorn and other areas around Los Angeles. The lawyers that worth there are experienced in litigating several different types of personal injury law, and their experience shows when they start putting together a case based on your accident. You can get a free, no hassle, consultation when you call and see for yourself. The El Dabe Law Firm is focused on getting you results quickly as well. They know that your life does not get put on hold when you get into an accident, so they will waste no time in getting you your just compensation. Don’t waste any more time, call a personal injury lawyer from the El Dabe Law Firm today.

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