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Fontana Car Accident Lawyers

Fontana Car Accident Lawyers

After the smoke clears from your car accident, you’ll be confused and uncertain about the future. This is the time that you need a lawyer to guide you through the next steps. An experienced car accident lawyer is a specialist when it comes to recovering losses as the result of a car accident. Car accident lawyers can cut through much of the red tape involved with insurance claims as well as deal with all the paperwork involved.

The Need for an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

It’s unfortunate, but every single day, there are car accidents. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, over 37,000 people die in crashes each year. More than 2.35 million additional people are injured or disabled per year. These cases require the knowledge of an experienced accident lawyer.

With the help of a lawyer who is experienced in all the nuances of the law, you’ll have someone to clear through the confusion for you. The lawyer you choose will be able to get you compensation for lost wages, car repairs and medical expenses.

What You Should Look for in an Accident Lawyer

Accident attorneys will often cover situations like slip and fall cases, property destruction and liability. The lawyer you choose should have experience with your type of car accident case too. He or she should have knowledge in the various local and state transportation laws that will have an impact on your case. The lawyer should be able to effectively deal with other parties like the insurance company and lawyers involved.

Don’t be afraid to do a background check on the lawyer you plan to hire for your case. They’ll be making decisions that will impact your future. When you place yourself in a lawyer’s hands, you should know if they’re capable and worthy of that kind of trust. Check their references and their track record. While not every lawyer will have a perfect record, they should have more wins than losses.

What Should You Ask an Attorney?

  • How much of your time is spent on car accident cases?
  • What kind of experience do you have with my type of injury?
  • How much of my case will you handle yourself?
  • What kind of fee structure do you have?
  • How much of the expenses will be my responsibility?

The Time to Hire a Fontana Car Accident Attorney

If you were hospitalized, you’re not going to be thinking about hiring an attorney. You’ll be focused on getting well enough to leave. Once you’re home and recovering, it’s time to consider the future.

A car accident has an impact long after the collision of the two vehicles. You’ll need to talk to your insurance company, deal with paperwork and take time off of work. That means you’ll be without an income with medical bills piling up rapidly. Within a week or two, you’ll want to hire an attorney to help you and provide guidance.

The Fees of a Car Accident Attorney

Many car accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that the fee the lawyer receives after a case will be contingent on the compensation you get. They’ll take a percentage of the money you’re awarded.

Every case is different, so you’ll need to discuss the fees with the attorney. You might also be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses like the costs of specialists or investigators for your case. These are details that should be discussed with the attorney before he or she takes your case. It’ll be listed in the contract you sign too.

Documents the Attorney Will Need

Before the Fontana attorney agrees to take your case, he or she will need to see the documents you have. Be prepared to bring all the documents you have related to your insurance policies. The list of documents the attorney needs will vary depending on your circumstances, but be prepared to bring some documents to the consultation meeting.

  • Insurance policy
  • Evidence of policy payments
  • Information from the accident like names and insurance information
  • Any tickets that were issued
  • Photos of the accident scene

If the attorney needs more, you’ll have a chance to bring those later.

After a car accident, you’ll need a lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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