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Automobile accidents can change lives on short notice. Not only is the life of the injured victim affected, but the lives of family members are also impacted when injuries are serious or result in a fatality. Victims also have more to deal with than the injury as well, as all serious accidents will result in insurance claims and potential lawsuits. Individuals involved in an automobile accident should be in a position to focus on rehabilitation when possible instead of having to negotiate with the respondent insurance company personally. And, in California where drivers have the option of selecting personal injury protection on their own auto insurance policy, many times the injured victim can find themselves in an adversarial situation with their own insurance company. This is also a possible issue when the injured party has an uninsured and under-insured motorist rider on the own auto policy. This is also why it is vital to have a Baldwin Park car accident attorney like the professionals at El Dabe Law Firm handling your case in order to be compensated fairly and equitably.

How a Lawyer Can Help a Car Accident Victim

Some accidents can be relatively simple and result only in minor injuries. It is still not a good decision to attempt handling these cases personally for the injured victim because there may be additional available insurance coverage or personal assets that can be avenues for compensatory damages. Insurance companies are quick to recognize when a claimant is not retaining an attorney and always negotiate differently when an attorney is not involved. The truth is that all cases are unique in some aspect, especially in the area of comparative negligence among the involved drivers. Having an experienced Baldwin Park car accident attorney means that you have your own legal team working diligently to ensure that your rights to damage recovery are ensured and maximized. In addition, it also sends a signal to the insurance company and negligent driver that you intend to pursue the case to the fullest extent of the law if needed.

How El Dabe Law Firm Can Help

At El Dabe Law Firm we are focused on comprehensive legal representation for our injured clients who may be facing difficulties in being adequately compensated for their injuries. California insurance law can be complicated when all case factors are being evaluated, as comparative negligence is different for each accident. Even an individual who is 99% at fault for an accident can still receive 1% of total damages available, which means that all accident victims in California are covered to some extent when insurance protection is in place. We work hard at maintaining a low comparative negligence rating for our clients while also investigating the accident for multiple negligent actors, such as a product liability issue when car parts malfunction. We have a very successful track record over the past decade of procuring significant settlements for all of our clients.

Why You Need an Attorney to Recover Damages for an Accident Injury

Many auto accidents are very serious legal issues. And, when a fatality is involved or a citation is issued for criminal acts, the cases can become even more complicated. Accidents regularly involve multiple vehicles, meaning that multiple insurance company attorneys will be attempting deflecting fault away from their clients. The novice injured accident victim is no match for a trained professional insurance adjuster when a claim is being negotiated in a potential bad faith situation. Many insurance companies use bad faith tactics as standard operating procedure when dealing with the injured victim, but they understand that an experienced Baldwin Park car accident attorney will recognize these tactics immediately. Insurance companies know that an aggressive legal counselor may opt for a full jury trial when a punitive damage claim can be proven. If you want to be fully compensated for your injuries you will always need a solid professional legal counsel fighting for you.

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