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Who is at Fault in a Single Vehicle Accident?

Single-vehicle collisions happen and happen often. Indeed, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) estimates that more than half of all automobile crashes reported in the United States involve just a single vehicle. A one-car collision should still be reported and investigated. 

You may be wondering, “Am I automatically at fault for a single-vehicle accident in California?” The answer is “not necessarily” — negligence by another party may have still contributed to your one-car accident. Our Los Angeles single-vehicle accident attorneys highlight the most important things to know about one-car crashes and your legal rights in California in this blog post. 

The Driver Will Be Presumed to Be At-Fault — But there are Exceptions

Drivers in single-vehicle collisions are found responsible for around 95% of all car accidents. In a one-car crash, the driver will generally be presumed to be the at-fault party. That being said, liability is not automatic. 

Even in a single-vehicle accident, you can still file a claim against another defendant. Some notable examples of other parties that may bear liability for a one-car crash include: 

  • Other Motorists: It is possible that your accident was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another driver who was not actually involved in the crash. For example, a careless driver making an unsafe lane change could have run your car off the road. If you can identify them and prove their guilt, you can hold them liable for your single-vehicle accident. 
  • Vehicle Manufacturers: Big corporations have a legal duty to put safe products on the market. A single-vehicle accident that was caused by or made worse by a manufacturing defect warrants a legal claim. If you have any questions about filing a lawsuit against a negligent auto parts maker or vehicle manufacturer, call our Los Angeles product liability attorneys for help. 
  • Highway Road Designers/Maintenance Crews: Was your single-vehicle accident caused by unsafe road conditions? If so, you may have a claim against a road designer or road maintenance crew. As these are complicated civil claims, you should consult with a skilled car accident attorney as soon as possible after a crash. 

Ultimately, every car accident case is different. If you believe that another party was at fault for your single-vehicle crash, you should call an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney for immediate assistance. Likewise, if you need guidance with a single-vehicle accident insurance claim, an attorney can help. 

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