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What to Do in a Fender Bender

Auto insurance experts indicate that most drivers may be involved in any form of accident at least once in 20 years. Plenty of people get into fender benders. This means that damage may be non-existent or negligible. 

 Whether you bumped into someone on the parking lot or tapped them lightly in a traffic jam, the consequences can be more dramatic than you expect. If you don’t know what to do in a fender bender, consider seeking the opinion of Los Angeles car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers.

1. Don’t Trust Appearances

Appearances can be deceptive. What seems like a minor scratch might turn out to be more. Damages to your car and injuries are not always apparent. Make note of the following if you have been in an accident:

  • Check for the presence of smoke or a strange smell
  • Does the engine run and sound right?
  • If your car was hit near a peripheral device, check to ensure that it is working fine
  • Are any of the tires losing inflation?

2. Remain Calm

If you are in an accident for the first time, it is easy to panic. Take slow deep breaths and try to remain as calm as possible. If you are in a state of panic, you are unlikely to deal with the situation well. 

3. Assess the Extent of Injuries or Damage

In most fender benders, no one will be injured. However, you should check your head, legs, and neck for injuries. If you are hurt, seek emergency medical help as soon as possible. Check to ensure that your car is not damaged. Take photos and videos that may show the extent of the damage. If there are any witnesses, take their accounts. 

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

You need to let your insurance company know that you have been in an accident. Even though you can reach a private settlement, there is a chance that the other driver may go on to report the fender bender to their insurance company. You may lose physical evidence of the accident and your insurance coverage. Your insurance company will tell you if you need to contact the police. 

5. Contact the Police

If there is significant damage, you may need to contact the police. Having a police report may help when you make an insurance claim. It protects you if the other driver falsely accuses you of being at fault. 

6. Get a Check-Up

Visiting your doctor for a checkup will help you know if you sustained any injuries. Your injuries may not be apparent when your pulse is elevated. 

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