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What to Do After a Minor Car Accident

Driving on Los Angeles roads can be an unsafe undertaking. At whatever point you are in a vehicle, you face the danger of experiencing an auto collision. Regardless of whether it’s a minor or major accident, knowing what to do beforehand can help you to avoid costly damages.

If you are a victim of a car accident, you should seek legal counsel from qualified Los Angeles car accident attorneys. If you’re wondering about what to do after a minor car accident, read on below.

Tips to Consider Immediately After a Car Accident

Even a minor car accident can be sudden, traumatic and costly. Follow the tips below if you are involved in a minor car accident:

  •     Look for injuries: In case you’re uncertain about whether you or your companions are hurt, call an ambulance. Some wounds from car collisions take time to develop
  •     Search for sparks of fire: If you smell fuel or see smoke, move away from the vehicle
  •     Try not to block traffic: Given that the incident is minor, move your vehicle out of the way to a safer area. A place where you can converse with the other driver
  •     Remain calm: Of course you’re bound to be upset after such an accident. But, it is critical to take control of your feelings. Try not to accuse the other driver and don’t apologize for being caught up in that accident
  •     Get contact information: Swap telephone numbers, email ids and insurance data with the other driver involved. It is also wise to take a photo of the other driver’s insurance and license card using your cell phone. Additionally get the contact information of any observer that is present
  •     Call the police: It’s essential to have the police report made while the event is new in everybody’s mind. Furthermore, numerous states have laws requiring the police to be called in the event somebody is hurt. If you were not to blame, the police report will be important to you. That’s because stories tend to change after everybody has left the scene
  •     Take pictures: Utilize the camera on your phone to take photos of the accident scene and the damage on the vehicles. Take note of skid markings or any proof that would make the other driver liable
  •     Try not to leave: Never leave the collision scene before you swap contact information with the other driver. Leaving too early may lead to criminal allegations being brought against you
  •     Call your insurance provider: Report all the auto collisions to your insurer, even if it was not you who caused the crash. You can do so by calling the number of your insurer as stated on the card. Otherwise, you could end up paying if the collision is not reported instantly

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