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Ventura Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you ride a motorcycle or bicycle in Ventura, California, then you truly know what freedom means. You can ride through the hills and at the ocean side, feeling the breeze and the sunny California sun. If you are one of the 50,000 motorists in California that gets into an accident, however, your riding days might be over. If this happens to you, then you should call a personal injury lawyer right away.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

If you get into a bicycle or motorcycle accident, you are likely to get injured much worse than if you are in a car accident. This means that you will probably end up paying more to fix those injuries than the person who hit you in their car.

You will have to be taken to a hospital, where you will be given aid and medications. If you are hurt badly enough you will probably have to go through a surgery or two. You will then have to spend several nights in the hospital. While the staff will take good care of you and you will leave feeling much better than you felt going in, you might lose a little bit of steam when you see your hospital bill. You will be charged for every minute that you were in that hospital. You will even have to pay the cost of the ambulance that drove you in. Unfortunately, the costs of your accident do not stop there. You will probably have to go through some sort of rehabilitation once you get back home. In order to get your muscles moving again, you might have to do some physical therapy. These sessions do not come cheap, and if you are found to be at fault for the accident, your insurance might not cover them at all.

Even after you consider the care that you needed for your injuries, you have to consider the money that you will be losing from not being able to work right after your accident. Most people are not allowed to do any manual labor for one to two months after they are released from the hospital. If this is your job, then you are missing out on two months of pay for you and your family. For most families, this is just not feasible. Now consider the possibility that you were hurt badly enough to become permanently disabled. This means that you will have to find some other source of money to get yourself and your family through these difficult times.

Thankfully, a personal injury lawyer can help you with all of these problems. By going through your case step-by-step and finding out exactly what happened in your accident, your personal injury lawyer can find a way to prove that you were not at fault for the accident. Even if you were found at fault by your insurance company, there are usually circumstances around these types of accidents that exist that will exonerate you and get you the compensation that you need to move forward in your life. There are few lawyers that do this better than the lawyers at the El Dabe Law Firm.

Who is the El Dabe Law Firm?

The El Dabe Law Firm is a firm that is based in Southern California that serves the needs of communities like Ventura, CA, and has been doing so for years. The lawyers at El Dabe aim to work with officials to get police reports and eyewitness testimonies. They will build you a case that will win in court and get those truly at fault for your accident to pay. El Dabe lawyers have had experience with several different types of personal injury law, and each one of them is familiar with the codes and laws specific to Southern California cities like Ventura, making them an unstoppable force in court.

The lawyers at El Dabe know that your life does not stop just because you got into an accident. They will work to get your case done as quickly as possible to allow you to move on with your life. Calling a personal injury lawyer is a must if you have been in an accident. Call the El Dabe Law Firm for a free consultation today.

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