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Tustin Car Accident Lawyers

Approximately 300 automobile accidents occur in Orange County annually, including in and around Tustin, that result in injuries and even deaths. Tustin car accident lawyers provide assistance to injured people, and families who have lost love ones, following an automobile accident in a variety of different, crucial ways.

Documenting the Accident

One primary area where Tustin car accident lawyers are vitally helpful is in properly documenting a car accident. There are certain steps that ideally are taken in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. However, the immediate aftermath of an automobile accident, by definition, is not ideal.

Following a car accident, fully documenting the scene is vital. This type of documentation includes making a video, or taking photos, of the accident scene from as many angles as possible. In addition, a video or photos should be taken of injuries, if at all possible.

In addition to preserving the scene in images, witnesses to the collision need to be identified. Names and complete contact information needs to be logged. Concise, yet comprehensive, statements should be taken from these individuals. Taking videos of witnesses can be a good way to accomplish this aspect of documenting an accident scene.

Oftentimes getting these tasks accomplished proves impossible. The number one priority following an accident is safety and obtaining proper medical assistance and treatment.

Because of this reality, Tustin car accident lawyers, like those on the legal team at the El Dabe Law Firm can be of vital help to an injured person. For example, the firm can access forensic professionals that can assist in reconstructing the accident scene as a means to support an insurance claim or a lawsuit seeking appropriate compensation for an injured person.

Ensuring Proper Compensation

The primary objective of an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit is ensuring that a person injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence obtains proper compensation. According to research undertaken by the American Bar Association, injurer people represented by skilled, experienced car accident lawyers receive more compensation than those that fail to retain counsel. This is the case even when attorney fees are taken into the mix.

When it comes to attorney fees, Tustin car accident lawyers, like those at the El Dabe Law Firm, use a contingency fee when representing car accident clients. Through a contingency fee arrangement, an injured person pays no fee unless the attorneys at the El Dabe Law Firm obtain a settlement or judgment for an injured individual.

Filing and Pursuing an Insurance Claim

Insurance claims are not easy matters. Indeed, many people suggest that insurance companies make the claims settlement process as complicated, as challenging as possible. After all, insurance companies are in business to make money. Insurance companies make more money by paying less in claims.

Dealing with large automobile insurance companies represent another area in which Tustin car accident lawyers provide invaluable assistance to an injured person. These attorneys have the background and experience necessary to take on even the most challenging automobile insurance companies.

Filing and Pursuing a Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits are complex matters. A car accident case falls into the category of personal injury lawsuits.

Filing and pursuing a lawsuit following a car accident is another area in which the assistance of legal counsel is crucial. This is another area in which the American Bar Association maintains helpful data. The stark reality is that in many situations, a person unrepresented by legal counsel in a personal injury case ends up having his or her lawsuit dismissed from court. The plaintiff in such a case ends up never obtaining the compensation to which he or she was entitled because of injuries caused by the negligence of another driver.

Retaining Tustin Car Accident Lawyers at El Dabe Law Firm

The El Dabe Law Firm stands ready to discuss options with a person who is the victim of another motorists negligence. An initial consultation can be scheduled at the convenience of an injured person. There is no fee charged by the El Dabe Law Firm for a preliminary appointment. During this meeting, an injured person has the opportunity to more fully explore how Tustin car accident lawyers can help in pursuing a claim or lawsuit.

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