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Personal Injury Attorneys Protect The Right Of Victims

Personal injury law is also known as tort law. It is a legal concept that enables individuals who experience injuries resulting from the negligence or intentional acts of others to be compensated for their loss. There are a number of different situations where tort law applies. People can be injured in many different ways. Here are a few common personal injury situations. Any victim of these accidents can be helped by the El Dabe Law Firm to get fair compensation.

Medical Malpractice

This occurs when a person has been harmed by the negligence of a medical professional. This is when a doctor, nurse, hospital or other medical professional has failed to meet their profession’s standard of care, and it results in someone being harmed. These are complex cases. They will often involve having medical experts testify, analyzing medical records, treatments, and procedures. It will require an El Dabe Law Firm attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced with the medical malpractice to be successful.

Slip And Fall

This is a case where property owners have been negligent and created a dangerous environment on their property. A property owner has a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to make certain their property is safe. They’re also responsible for keeping people away from any dangerous situation they have created. An El Dabe Law Firm attorney will know how to determine the exact nature of a landowner’s legal duty. They know how to get people compensation when they’re injured due to a property owner’s negligence.

Car Accidents

Injuries that result from these type of accident are the most common personal injury cases. This could occur when a person is not following the laws for driving. There are drunk drivers, careless drivers, distracted drivers and more that cause serious accidents every year. A car accident victim could have done nothing wrong and still become injured and experience property damage. With car accidents, there will be insurance companies involved. Car accident victims need to have someone on their side with the training and knowledge in insurance law. Attorneys at El Dabe Law Firm have the experience necessary to be successful.

Defective Product Liability

Should a person experience injury or property loss because of a defective product, they have a right to seek compensation. Defective products have caused house fires, people to be burned, cut and injured in many different ways. It could have been the result of a manufacturing error or a design error. An experienced attorney from the El Dabe Law Firm will know how to show that a victim did experience a loss caused by a defective product. They will know how to illustrate that a product was defective. The manufacturer will know the victim followed the instructions that came with the product and still experienced an injury or property loss.

Boating Accidents

There is a lot of fun with taking a boat onto the water. It’s also possible for people to become the victims of other people’s negligence. When people are hurt, or their boat becomes damaged, they will wonder about their legal rights. Should someone not operate a boat with reasonable care, and it results in injury or property damage, a person could be able to get compensation. It’s possible for the carelessness of a boat operator to cause a collision with another boat. This could then result in passengers inside the boat being injured. When there is a collision between a motorboat and a sailboat, the motorboat is more often considered at fault. Motorboats are required to get out of the way for sailboats. There could also be a problem with a boat not having sufficient safety equipment on board, which results in an injury. Personal injury attorneys from El Dabe Law Firm are experienced with boating accidents.

Construction Accidents

This is an industry where workers perform intense physical labor using heavy machinery, and at times, at great heights. This can often result in accidents. It is also possible for people who are standing near a construction sight or walking through it, to be injured by falling debris and more. Personal injury attorneys know how to hold those responsible for the unsafe working conditions accountable. When a worker is injured on the job in California, there is a works’ compensation system in place to help. Should the system fail a construction worker, an attorney from El Dabe Law Firm can protect a worker’s rights and get the compensation they deserve and more.

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