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Torrance Car Accident Attorneys

How Can a Torrance Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

A car accident must never be taken as an issue of physical injury alone! The victims of car accidents usually experience much more than what the human eye can see. Being the victim of an automobile crash means huge medical bills, loss of work hours, possible loss of a lifetime income, and psychological trauma.

Lawyers Who Understand Your Trauma

The first thing a car accident victim should do is contact a lawyer who understands the pain, mental distress, and the fact that huge financial burden is involved. At El Dabe Law Firm, we know all too well the difficulties the victim encounters in trying to recover from physical injuries. Our team of Torrance car accident attorneys understands your efforts to pay for medical treatment too.

How We Help

Do you want to take action against the driver responsible for the crash? Car accident lawyers in Torrance are valuable partners in the struggle to reclaim a life already ruined in a road tragedy. The victim is entitled to compensation, but you need guidance from a Torrance car accident attorney well-versed in California laws regarding personal injury claims.
California car accident victims may get benefits for the following injuries:

  • Body parts or whole body paralysis
  • Brain damage
  • Head injuries
  • Disfigurement of body parts
  • Broken limbs

There are crashes that lead to death. Auto accident claims on behalf of the deceased are necessary. People inTorrance, CA may feel confused after the loss of a loving family member in a road accident especially when the deceased is the sole breadwinner. The compensation for fatal injuries can help the deceased’s family.

Preparing for Claims

While the victim and the family are still confused about the car accident, the attorney can help get the relevant documents and evidence in preparation for a claims suit. The most significant evidence includes:

  • Accident scene photographs and police reports
  • Eyewitness testimonies
  • Accident scene road measurements
  • Medical reports and bills
  • Insurance details of the accident driver
  • Accident car photographs

The Professional Role of the Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Torrance

The Torrance, CA attorney provides information about your rights. The legal expert also offers guidance on personal injury law. Your legal counsel assesses the evidence and the nature of the road accident to decide the type of claims to file. In California, the driver’s liability is based on several factors:

Negligence by the driver: The victim gets compensation if the lawyer proves the driver’s negligence, failure to take reasonable care, disregard of traffic rules, or failure to stop for a pedestrian. The accident attorney could also prove how the driver breached his responsibility, and, therefore, caused the accident.

Manufacturer Liability: The claims in the personal injury case may involve the car manufacturer for failure to mechanical defects and faulty technical designs. Road accident cases against car manufacturers may cite the brake, engine, tires, and airbags technical details.

Auto Accident Compensation

The accident attorney helps the Torrance, CA victim to get compensation. In wrongful death cases, the Torrance car accident lawyer argues on behalf of the bereaved who must continue to enjoy an education, health, shelter, and proper upkeep. The compensation for the victims takes into account the encountered losses.

Past Medical Expenses: The compensation contains bills paid for emergency care, surgery, drugs, laboratory tests, and walking devices.

Future Medical Commitments: The automobile accident victim needs future medical care, so the attorney will claim finances to buy medicines.

Lost Wages: The plaintiff gets real finances lost work hours.

Loss of Earning Potential: If the plaintiff proves the loss of lost future income because of physical disability, the defendant will pay compensation equivalent to the lost earnings for all the plaintiff’s active years.

There are instances when the Torrance car accident lawyer includes claims for mental anguish, emotional distress, and punitive damages in the lawsuit. Married car accident victims may get compensation for loss of marital happiness in the form of disrupted sexual relations and wrecked affection with the spouse.

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