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Soft Tissue Injury Car Accident in Huntington Beach

Every day millions of people get behind the wheel while others cycle and walk to different destinations. Since there are so many people using the roads daily, it is no surprise that auto accidents happen often.

While some of those incidents are minor, others are severe and result in substantial property damage and bodily injury. Soft tissue injuries are among the significant injuries sustained in a car accident.

Many of the things victims do and say following a car accident, affect their chances of recovering compensation for their injuries. If you sustain a soft tissue injury from a car accident, Huntington Beach car accident attorneys with El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can help you file a claim to help receive compensation for your loss.

What is Soft Tissue Injury?

Temecula Personal Injury Lawyers | El Dabe Ritter Trial LawyersSoft tissue injuries can affect a ligament, tendon, or muscle. Soft tissue injuries can be caused by overuse of a certain body part or sudden trauma to the body area. Soft tissue injuries can lead to pain, swelling, contusions, loss of function, or limited motion in the affected area.

Common examples of soft tissue injuries that can result from car accidents include whiplash, rotator cuff tear, anterior cruciate ligament knee, sprains, strains, and bruises.

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

Personal Injury Medical Malpractice AttorneySome soft tissue injuries can be healed using pain management treatment and physical therapy. Other soft tissue injuries may require surgery to fix torn muscles, ligaments, or tendons. Additionally, some soft tissue injuries do not showcase symptoms straight after an accident.

Following a car accident, your body may be in a state of shock, and plenty of adrenaline may be fueling your perceptions and actions. As a result, you might not notice that you have sustained a soft tissue injury. Swelling, tightness, or pain may surface at a later time.

If you encounter pain after an auto collision and feel it may be because of a soft tissue injury, try to implement the R.I.C.E method:

  • Rest: You should rest the painful body area and do not attempt to overexert yourself
  • Ice: Place a cold pack for 20 minutes at one time, a couple of times a day. Avoid applying the ice straight on the skin, instead, separate it from the skin with a washcloth
  • Compression: Extra swelling and blood loss can be prevented by wearing an elastic compression bandage. Alternatively, you can request another person to apply a soft compression force to the injured part
  • Elevation: To decrease swelling, you should elevate your injured body part higher than the heart while in a resting position

The R.I.C.E method is useful for initial home treatment, but you should schedule a doctor’s appointment to help document your injuries.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

What Are The Steps In A Personal Injury Lawsuit? | El Dabe Ritter Trial LawyersYou stand a high chance to get favorable compensation after a soft tissue injury car accident in Huntington Beach by involving Car Accident Attorneys in your case from the onset.

El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers are experienced in personal injury claims and can be trusted to ensure justice is served on victims. Contact the offices of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers at 213-985-1120 to schedule a free consultation. 

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