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Snow Car Accidents

Every winter, snowfall creates unfavorable road conditions brings about an increased risk for car accidents. As weather conditions worsen, other factors — such as drivers’ recklessness and negligence — persist and continue to contribute to car accidents while it is snowing. Statistics released by the Federal Highway Administration recorded over 1,300 fatalities as a result of snow car accidents each year. 

When weather takes a turn for the worse, drivers should slow down and leave more space between cars, especially when the roads are slick with rain, snow or ice. Drivers who cause an accident — which may result in injuries or fatalities — because they failed to drive safely in the ice and snow can be held legally accountable. In such cases, Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys with El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can help victims file their claims.

Avoiding Car Accidents When Driving Through Snow In Los Angeles

Avoid driving through snow is the safest option, however this is not always an option. If you must drive through snow and ice, there are a number of ways drivers can travel safely. Safe driving in snowy weather can include: 

  • Leaving ample following distance to avoid having to brake or turn sharply
  • Avoiding braking in bends and driving at slower speeds along these bends
  • Avoiding driving alongside other cars.
  • Enhancing your visibility — It’s important to clear all the snow from all the windows before starting your drive and ensure that your windshield wipers and windshield wiper fluid are in good condition.
  • Staying calm and steering your car carefully in the event of a skid — Release the break and honk the horn to alert other drivers to get out of your way in order to avoid possible accidents
  • Upgrading your car with snow tires or tire chains, if possible

Even if you are driving safely, you can still be involved in an accident. Other reckless drivers may cause car accidents, and if a snow car accident causes severe personal injury or wrongful death, legal action can be taken to hold the reckless driver accountable for their misconduct.

If you sustain an injury because of a driver who failed to comply with safe driving guidelines, experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys can offer you the help you need.

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