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Six Tips to Reduce Slip and Falls During Winter

Even with California’s beautiful weather, slip and fall accidents increase during the winter. Our ever-changing climate deposits moisture and sometimes even ice on chilly mornings, making a simple walk to your vehicle or job a hazard. At El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, we are committed to promoting justice for injured victims of negligence, so we offer the following 6 tips for reducing slip and fall accidents in winter.

Watch Where You Are Walking

Walking is not the best time to scroll through some text messages. Instead, watch where you are going. Literally, look at the ground in front of you and see if there is any ice, snow, or wet leaves on the ground. Scan six feet ahead. You can then sidestep the hazard or walk more carefully.

Take Smaller Steps

With smaller steps, a person maintains their center of gravity and can take defensive action if they feel a foot sliding out from under them. When you take giant steps, you can easily fall if one foot slips even an inch. Don’t be afraid to scoot like a penguin if you come across some ice in your path.

Wear Appropriate Shoes in Winter

Los Angeles doesn’t see a lot of snow or ice, so people might not have winter boots in their closets. No bother. Choose a shoe with a nice rubber sole and avoid any shoe with a leather sole.

Also wear shoes that provide stability around the foot. Slides and heels look great in summer but do not provide the traction needed if you are traversing a slippery parking lot. They also won’t protect your foot. Check the weather ahead of time to see if there is a possibility of ice on the ground and choose footwear accordingly.

Walk on Grass or Snow Instead of Ice

A good rule of thumb is that it is better to walk on anything that crunches than ice. Snow and frozen grass often provide decent traction, so step off the sidewalk, if necessary, when you see ice up ahead.

Learn How to Fall

The worst fall injuries stem from slamming a body part into the ground. Often, a person can break their fall in stages:

  • Twist to the side so you do not land on your back
  • Land on your hip first
  • Land on your shoulder next

To prevent head injury, remember to tuck your chin close to your chest. This simple act can reduce the odds of a traumatic brain injury.

Of course, depending on your age, any fall could be dangerous. There is no “safe” way to fall for all people. But falling in stages can reduce the risk of serious injury for many people.

Mop up Condensation

If you run a business, people can track in water during a rainstorm, which collects near the entrance. Unsuspecting visitors can slip and fall. Ideally, a business owner should install mats at the entrance of a store that provides traction even if an inch of water accumulates. Otherwise, the business owner should regularly mop the floor and warn visitors of slippery floors.

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