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Self-Driving Car Accident in Los Angeles

One of the best reasons to use self-driving cars is that they are safe. The big question is “how safe is safe enough?” even though they have plenty of safety features, they can still get into accidents. If you or your loved one has been in a self-driving accident, you should contact Los Angeles car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers for help. 

The autonomous vehicle market is currently valued at about $54 billion. Since they are a fairly new innovation, self-driving cars come with lots of issues. There are no clear parameters that can determine how safe it is safe enough for self-driving cars. Different states have different parameters for measuring safety.

There are no specific standards to measure if the parameters have been met. Self-driving cars are supposed to be safer than conventional cars. The question is “how much safer?” The market for self-driving cars is highly competitive. There are various levels of car autonomy. Most autonomous cars on the road are only partially autonomous. The global market continues to grow and different levels of the car continue to hit the market. 

How Many Accidents Are Caused by Self-Driving Cars?

Developers of self-driving cars have claimed that they can be used to reduce up to 40,000 traffic accident deaths in the United States every year. However, achieving those results won’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of time. In the meantime, the existing cars will be tested on public roads.

Plenty of self-driving cars have already been in accidents. They include the Waymo van that was in a T-bone accident, the Apple that got bumped, and the Uber that hit a woman in Arizona. California is one of the states with the states where autonomous vehicle developers do their road testing. They submit a report once every year explaining the miles they have covered. They also explain the number of times when the human in the car had to take the wheel.

They are required to report whenever any of their cars get into an accident. They must present the report to the DMV within 10 business days with details of what happened. The California DMV has received more than 100 autonomous-car collision reports so far. The number is expected to keep going up as more vehicles hit public roads. Most of them are minor and they don’t cause any significant injuries or property damage.  

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