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Santa Maria Personal Injuries

Victims of personal injuries in Santa Maria, California, see firsthand how unfair life can be. To no fault of their own, and often as a result of the negligence of others, they sustain serious, life altering injuries.

They may lose their employment, find themselves struggling to provide for their families, and at the same time are inundated with medical bills.

What makes matters worse is that the very entities that have the responsibility to compensate them for their injuries, insurance companies, are often the ones that are making the situation worse. Insurance companies understand the difficult financial and emotional state personal injury victims find themselves in. They take advantage of that to try to force an injured individual to accept compensation that is way less than what they deserve.

At the El Dabe Law Firm, we have seen people deal with this type of experience time and time again. Our trained personal injury attorneys have been able to help many of them get a fair financial settlement.

Why You Should Use a Lawyer

Some will argue that it’s not fair that after being the victims of a personal injury, they now have to pay an attorney out of pocket in order to get what they deserve. However, what these individuals fail to realize is that without a personal injury attorney, their chances of having a good outcome or receiving an equitable settlement are zero to none.

A lawyer gives you legal representation. They give you a solid base from which you can seek fair compensation.

Contrary to what is seen on the television or in movies, the vast majority of personal injury cases are settled outside the courtroom. The settlement happens because of the pressure that personal injury attorneys put on insurance companies.

Insurance companies will put up a strong fight in order to not pay a claim. They do this to avoid garnering the reputation as a company that will resolve every claim with a settlement. However, with the backing of a personal injury lawyer, you can force the insurance company to give you fair compensation.

Lawyers Help You Compete on Level Ground

The game is stacked on the side of the insurance company. They are going to defend their clients, and they are going to use their army of attorneys to do so. Trying to handle an insurance claim yourself puts you at an unfair disadvantage. Doing this would not be fair to you.

The personal injury attorneys at El Dabe Law firm serve as an advocate who has a vested interest in your success.

How the Lawyers at El Dabe Law Firm Fight for You

Our goal is to help you get to the compensatory damages you are due. The purpose of compensatory damages is to put you in a position that is equal to what you would have been if the injury never happened.

The fairest thing would be if it was possible to physically reverse your injuries and the emotional trauma you’ve experienced. Unfortunately, that is not possible. So the next best thing is compensating you financially.

The compensation and damages that our lawyers seek are usually divided into two categories. The first is designed to compensate any financial losses you have experienced. The second is to compensate for non-financial losses.

Financial losses would include:

  • Medical expenses, including the expenses for present, past, and future medical care. This takes into consideration your medical needs for the rest of your life.
  • The expense associated with living with a disability. This would include home renovations, wheelchair access, as well as having a nursing assistant.
  • Lost wages. This not only includes the money that you would have lost while recovering from an injury, it also includes your future earning capability.
  • Funeral expenses. In the unfortunate event that a personal injury leads to death, funeral expenses would be sought.

There are also non-monetary losses. These would include things like the following:

  • Pain and suffering. This includes the pain you experienced during the injury, as well as any emotional stress that you experienced as a result of the consequences of the injury.
  • Loss of consortium. This includes losing intangible things like loss of affection, loss of companionship, loss of assistance, and loss of sexual relations.

At El Dabe Law Firm, we understand how difficult dealing with a personal injury can be for Santa Maria residents. We are determined to fight for you and to help you get a fair conclusion to your case.

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